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SYFY WIRE Jason Blum

Jason Blum says Jordan Peele’s US is ’like Get Out on steroids’

By James Comtois
Lupita Nyong'o in Us

For those of you who thought that Jordan Peele’s directorial debut Get Out was scary and unnerving, super-producer Jason Blum has a message for you. That message? You ain’t seen nothing yet. 

While attending the African American Film Critics Association Awards on Wednesday to accept the Cinema Vanguard Award, the Blumhouse chief told Variety that Jordan Peele’s follow-up film Us is “like Get Out on steroids.”

“He doubled down on scary with Us, which obviously made me very happy,” added Blum. Blumhouse produced both of Peele’s features. 

Us is a supernatural home-invasion thriller starring Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke as parents protecting their family from malevolent doppelgangers. The unsettling trailer was also played during the awards ceremony. 

And check out the new poster for Us that Peele put up on his Twitter feed, which, we have to say, is pretty <shudder>…

Peele certainly has doubled down on this massive career shift from "sketch comedy genius" to "sci-fi/horror producer/director genius." In just two years, Peele would go from being the co-creator of the hit sketch comedy show Key & Peele to the writer-director of the critically and commercially acclaimed Get Out (for which he’d win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, and also snag a nomination for Best Picture). These days, when one thinks of Peele, chances are, it’s not only as Hollywood Sequel Doctor Star Magic Jackson Jr. but as a director of horror films, as well as the man behind the upcoming Twilight Zone reboot, and producer of the upcoming horror series Lovecraft County for HBO.  

Blum is definitely someone who’s quite happy that Peele has decided to stick with the horror genre. “What’s really special about Jordan is, he didn’t have a big success in Get Out and jump out of horror,” he added at the ceremony.

Us debuts in theatres to scare the crap out of all of us on March 22.