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Jessica Jones, The Punisher cast and crew react to cancellations

By Jacob Oller
The Punisher Season 2

In the wake of the nail in the coffin cancellations of Jessica Jones and The Punisher, the stars and crew members of Marvel’s final two Netflix shows followed Punisher star Jon Bernthal’s example, posting their eulogies for their shows and their thanks to their fans.

After news broke that The Punisher would be ending after January’s second season and Jessica Jones’ upcoming third season would be its last, those from all corners of the shows’ productions came out to pay their respects. Sometimes it was a bloody Ben Barnes, sometimes it was Krysten Ritter at a table read, sometimes it was even from the show’s social media account itself — all mourned two of the streamer’s best superhero offerings.

Take a look:

While Barnes is “gutted” fans didn’t get to see a Punisher S3, Ritter is at least excited that her show gets to go out with a bit of planned closure. The shows’ many other cast and crew members had similar messages to convey:

And hey, we might even catch up with our old pal Kilgrave, according to Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg:

As far as the future goes for these stars and crew members, Hulu has noted its interest in these shows and Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb has been awfully coy — though with contracts still in effect and the competing streamer saddled with its own crop of Marvel properties coming in the following months, it could take a while until fans have a chance to see their old favorites again.

Jessica Jones’ third season is coming to Netflix later this year.