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Lady Gaga in talks to play Harley Quinn in 'Joker' sequel, which may be … a musical?

Lady Gaga might become the Harley to Joaquin Phoenix's Joker. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
Lady Gaga

If Todd Phillips’ first Joker movie didn't shake up the comic book movie playbook enough for you, wait till you hear what the second one reportedly has in store. It looks like the sequel, working title Joker: Folie à Deux, is moving forward, with Lady Gaga in talks to play the Harley Quinn to Joaquin Phoenix’s titular character. And apparently there will be singing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, if Gaga does sign on, her Harley would be in a different universe from the DCEU, where Margot Robbie has played the character in numerous films including The Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey. THR also notes that Phoenix hasn't officially been cast, though he's "deep into" talks with Warner Bros. 

We don’t have details yet on the plot or how Gaga’s Quinn would play into the picture, although the movie’s title — revealed last week by Phillips via Instagram — is a medical term for a shared mental disorder, which translates to “madness for two” in French. It suggests that both the Joker and Harley might be caught up in the same delusion. 

While we’re still in the dark about the plot, THR did reveal another juicy tidbit about the film — "sources say" it will be a musical. That's right, we may see Phoenix and Gaga singing some show tunes. Given this piece of news and the fact that Gaga worked with producer Phillips on A Star Is Born, the actor-singer’s involvement in the film is slightly less surprising. Though considering the tone of the last film, choosing to make the sequel a musical at all would most certainly be just that.

No news yet on when the sequel will go into production, much less premiere in theaters. 

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