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SYFY WIRE Star Wars Holiday Special

Jon Favreau wants to make another Star Wars Holiday Special, but he needs your help

By Christian Long
Chewbacca Empire Strikes Back Star Wars

Looks like it might be time to break out the Life Day decorations. 

While Jon Favreau's upcoming Star Wars series The Mandalorian isn't set to debut until November, the filmmaker may have his sights set on another (purposefully forgotten) corner of the space opera's lore for Disney+. And, without hyperbole, it is probably not an idea many people would have guessed.  

Fresh off receiving the inaugural Stan Lee World Builder Award at the 2019 Saturn Awards last weekend, Favreau spoke to Entertainment Tonight (see below) about the future of Star Wars, and what other stories he may want to tell in a galaxy far, far away. Specifically, the 1978 TV odyssey known as The Star Wars Holiday Special

"I was the one bringing The Holiday Special to the table, that's my generation," proclaimed Favreau, referencing a panel he'd done with Dave Filoni about the future of the blockbuster franchise in film and TV. "I love The Holiday Special — certain sequences more than others — but I love the introduction of Boba Fett and that rifle that he had. That animated piece still holds up. It's pretty cool. I draw inspiration from that. I would love to... someday maybe someday on Disney+ we'll do a Holiday Special, too. I gotta pitch that to them."

Favreau, seemingly determined to make this happen, points directly to the camera and tells everyone watching, "If you wanna see a Holiday Special, let Disney+ know." 

We'll wait...

...The Holiday Special unceremoniously ended Star Wars' original 18-month theatrical run when it aired on CBS Nov. 17, 1978. Set on the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyk during their winter holiday, Life Day, it featured most of the film's original cast and none of its charm or budget. It was not well-received, aired only once, disowned by George Lucas, and not even Mark Hamill can sit through the whole thing. Today, it only manages to live on via unofficial copies floating around on YouTube. For now.  

However, as Favreau notes, it did bring Boba Fett into the fold 18 months before Darth Vader warned him about "no disintegrations" in The Empire Strikes Back. Given that The Mandalorian is set in the underworld of galactic bounty hunting, it makes sense that Favreau would go back to our first glimpse of that side of Star Wars.  

Given that Favreau seems... genuinely serious about this idea, leaving it up to the internet to rally around the idea is certainly one way to get things done in Hollywood these days. After all, it was the online rallying cries that brought shows like Lucifer, Timeless, and The Expanse back from cancellation. And while it couldn't deliver Idris Elba as James Bond, it might be able to give us an all-new Star Wars Holiday Special. One that could be... good?