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SYFY WIRE Jordan Vogt-Roberts

WIRE Buzz: Michael B. Jordan and Kong director taking monsters to Detroit; more

By Brian Silliman

When monsters attack, they usually go for cities that have been attacked numerous times before, such as New York. That is all set to change, as Michael B. Jordan's Outlier Society is teaming with New Regency to pitch a monster movie where the attack takes place in Detroit. 

Deadline reports that Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) has been tapped to direct the project, which is a good fit — he has monster-movie experience, and he himself is from Detroit. Vogt-Roberts is also intending to shoot in Detroit, as he has been an advocate in recent years about bringing film production back to the city.

A writer is currently being sought out for the project. Further details about the film's story are being kept secret; all we know for sure is that it is an "original" monster movie, so Godzilla, Kong, or Nessie won't be heading over to Michigan. 

Outlier Society is notable for being one of the first production companies to incorporate an inclusion rider. They also produced the HBO adaptation of Fahrenheit 451, as well as the animated series gen:LOCK, both of which feature Jordan in starring roles. No word yet on whether he plans to step in front of the camera for this one. 

Universal Pictures is about to get the creeps, and they've fully elected to get them. 

According to Deadline, the studio has bought a pitch for a film called The Creeps from the Spider-Man: Homecoming screenwriting duo of Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley. Goldstein and Daley are currently in a position to write and direct the film, and also produce it with Universal under their own banner of GoldDay. 

Once again, details are not copious at the moment, but Deadline calls it "a coming-of-age comedic horror." Goldstein and Daley are not returning to work on Spider-Man: Far From Home, and though they've been in the mix with developing the DCEU movie based on The Flash, it was recently announced that Flash actor Ezra Miller and comics legend Grant Morrison were taking a crack at it themselves. Whether Warner Bros. keeps any of the development done by Goldstein and Daley is unknown. 

Netflix is not only moving forward with more programming for children — it is also moving forward with more interactive-style entertainment in the possible vein of their successful Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie. They did warn us, and they weren't bluffing. What do you get when you put those two things together? Something called Battle Kitty

Variety reports that the mega-streamer (and new MPAA member) has announced a "new interactive animated show" from Matt Layzell, which is, at the moment, being called Battle Kitty. A premiere date has not been released yet. 

The show grew out of Layzell's The Adventures of Kitty & Orc, a series that he made for his Instagram account. He will serve as showrunner, as well as executive producer. 

"Netflix has given me the incredible opportunity to help change how young people see themselves," said Layzell. "Like Kitty, an aspirational underdog with a big spirit of determination, I want kids who feel small to realize instead that they can stand strong, have friends, and go on to do amazing things.”