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WIRE Buzz: Jurassic World 3 keeps Jake Johnson, Omar Sy; Robert Englund travel trailer; The Stranger trailer

By Jacob Oller
Jake Johnson in Jurassic World

The next chapter in the dinosaurs’ world domination scheme, told over the course of the Jurassic World movies, will have plenty of reunions. Some might call the third Jurassic World a “blast from the past.” Original JW director Colin Trevorrow returns to take over from Fallen Kingdom’s J. A. Bayona after a stint doing things like writing a draft of The Rise of Skywalker, and the original Jurassic Park trilogy’s cast — Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum — are coming back for the third movie. But even the (excellent) supporting players are getting back in on the fun.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jake Johnson and Omar Sy will rejoin their Jurassic World co-stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard for the franchise’s third film. The former’s sassy control room technician ended up showing his heart of gold in the first film, while the latter worked with Pratt’s character in the raptor department. Thankfully, both survived — otherwise it’d be really creepy for them to return for the third film. 

While the plot for the third film is still locked down, there has already been the addition of two new cast members to a cast otherwise stacked with franchise players and nostalgic callbacks: Mamoudou Athie and DeWanda Wise.

Fans can see what the third Jurassic World has in store for all of them when it brings the dinos to the outside world on June 21, 2021.

Next, Freddy Krueger isn’t just traveling the dreamscape anymore. Horror icon and Nightmare on Elm Street franchise star Robert Englund has a new show coming to the Travel Channel and it’s bound to give fans a frightful night or two. Just try to make it through its first trailer unshaken.

According to EW, True Terror with Robert Englund will see the slasher actor become the host of several reenactments of horrific myths from America’s past. The first episode, for example, will showcase a story about a man unable to sleep because he has a vision that he’ll die in six weeks. Sleep? Death? Steady, Freddy.

“Strangely enough, there are a lot [of stories like that],” the actor said. “I don’t know if this was our producers steering the writers this way because of the baggage that I bring. I’ve certainly made a small fortune off of nightmares. But I think part of it is that, back in the 19th century and early 20th century, dreams and prophecies were given a little more respect. I think that’s why they show up so much.”

As far as the tone of the series, Englund describes it as “a dark docudrama-Twilight Zone” that will spook fans not only because of the content but because of the legitimacy behind the storytelling. Check out the first trailer below:

“What I like about it is, even though it’s myths and legends, they all were reported in a newspaper. They have a certain journalistic-reportage-cred that I think differentiates it from a show about UFOs or paranormal [activity],” Englund said.

“We have our share of ghost stories, but these are ghost stories that were reported in newspapers and periodicals. So, even though perhaps we’ve outgrown some of those superstitions and we can explain some of those things better now in the 21st century, I still like the idea that these were stories that came from newspapers and I love the fact that they are part of our history. And then there are the ones that are obviously true, like people being buried alive during the yellow fever epidemic.”

That’s scary and all, but when will fans get Englund back in the sweater for another Nightmare? You're not too old, Robert! Perhaps more news will come after True Terror with Robert Englund hits the Travel Channel on March 18.

Finally, shortform streaming service Quibi has dropped one of its first trailers — and for something where fans might be grateful for its brevity. The Stranger is a high-octane slasher in the vein of The Hitcher, with Dane DeHaan as the murderous psychopath on the hunt and the always-great final girl extraordinaire Maika Monroe (It Follows, The Guest) as his quarry.

Take a look at the first trailer below:

The Stranger | Teaser | Quibi

DeHaan was born to play a baddie. After picking him up at a mansion, rideshare driver Monroe finds herself as the unwitting victim to the man’s murderous machinations — leading to plenty of screaming for the scream queen.

Veena Sud (Seven Seconds, The Killing) directs The Stranger, which hits Quibi in April.