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Just A Couple Of Arselings: The Last Kingdom Podcast - Season 1, Episode 6


Hosts Alyssa Fikse and Jessica Lynn Toomer return to unpack all of the happenings in the sixth episode of The Last Kingdom's first season, and our boy Uhtred is making some bad choices.

Desperate to rid himself of Mildrith's father's debt, Uhtred hits the road with Leofric to do some light raiding and pillaging. While we understand the urge to secure the bag, this ain't it. Uhtred runs into another English king — and more importantly his Shadow Queen — who proves that while Alfred might test Uhtred's patience, he really is the best option out there. 

Join Fangrrls Jessica Lynn Toomer and Alyssa Fikse as they take you back in time and through every episode of Netflix's The Last Kingdom. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!

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