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SYFY WIRE Strong Female Characters

Keep it secret, keep it safe [Strong Female Characters #44]

By Cher Martinetti, Preeti Chhibber & Courtney Enlow
Ella Enchanted

Finally, the band's back together! Our feminist Voltron has fully reassembled to deliver you a brand-new episode of the SYFY FANGRRLS Strong Female Characters podcast, and we've got a lot to discuss.

This week, Cher, Preeti, and Courtney celebrate Archive of Our Own's Hugo nomination and John Cho's Cowboy Bebop casting, relate SO HARD to Tom Holland's inability to spoil everything, learn a thing or two about dolphin love, and honor the 15th anniversary of Ella Enchanted by breaking down the tropes of the Cinderella story and the wicked stepmother.

Check out the latest episode below.

From rebellion leaders to scream queens and everything in between, women have shaped sci-fi and fantasy since its inception. Each week Fangrrls founder & managing editor Cher Martinetti and contributing editor and author Preeti Chhibber celebrate the countless badass women in geek culture through funny, witty, and unfiltered deep dives into the nerdverse.

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