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KFC cooks up a game console that plays real video games…and keeps your chicken finger-lickin’ toasty

By Benjamin Bullard
KFConsole video game console

Birds will likely be angry when they hear the newest evolution in KFC’s ongoing quest to chicken-scratch out its next viral claim to fast food fame: Frying up a real video game console that can play actual video games — all while keeping your tenders all warm ’n’ toasty.

Making good on an earlier viral tease in June that playfully hinted at a (then-fictitious) console that could manage the twin feats of fragging and nomming, the restaurant giant apparently has spent the intervening months applying its magic formula to making its finger-lickin’ fast-twitch dream a reality. The chain squawked onto Twitter today as the proud new producer of the farm-fresh melding of cuisine and console gaming you see here.

Behold the absurdly perfect KFConsole:

Power your hunger, indeed.

You’ll never see a more inspirational, can-do come-on for a device that boldly proves this feather-brained year still has a secret recipe or two up its sleeve. Indeed, the KFConsole obviously ranks right up there when it comes to pecking right past the very limits of human achievement: A slick red-on-black machine big enough to store your fried treats while you drop in for another round of Fortnite.

The product of a productive PC-poultry partnership between KFC and the tech tinkerers at Cooler Master, the KFConsole is essentially a bespoke modern gaming PC with a plucky party trick. In addition to housing a “Chicken Chamber” to make sure your extra-crispy stays that way while you game, the KFConsole boasts an Intel Nuc 9 Extreme computing core, ray tracing, 4K output at 240 fps, a “first of its kind” hot swappable GPU slot to assure future upgrades, VR capability, and a pair of Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD drives. In fact, this bad boy comes right out of the to-go box with everything you’ll need to get started but the 11 herbs and spices — and it’s all packaged in a custom Cooler Master NC100 chassis.

So far, KFC hasn’t said whether the console will be available for sale, or if it’s simply the kind of marketing one-off that Colonel Sanders himself would probably be proud of. It looks as though this beast spent plenty of time in Cooler Master’s test kitchen, though, so it definitely wouldn’t surprise us if the KFConsole does end up being a thing you can actually buy…even if you probably won’t be picking one up at your local drive-thru window anytime soon.