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WIRE Buzz: First American Horror Story S10 pic washes ashore; Kidrobot movie charges up; more

By Benjamin Bullard
American Horror Story red baby image

Last month, American Horror Story mastermind Ryan Murphy revealed the return of an all-star cast of AHS alumni for the still-mysterious 10th season of the surreally creepy FX anthology, and this week he’s sharing the first piece of key art to get fans buzzing about the setting for the next installment in the long-running series.

Murphy hit Instagram Tuesday with a stylized image that emblazons the AHS Season 10 logo over a zoomed-in photo that shows a pair of seemingly severed hands clawing their way up the straw-strewn embankment of a cloud-covered shoreline.

Check it out:

What could it mean? Murphy has a stellar track record of keeping the theme of each season under wraps until the time is right, and here he offers only the most cryptic of hints: “Things are beginning to wash up on shore…”

Does that mean these hands belong to a “thing,” an evil antagonist — or are we already reading way too much into it?

We do know that AHS Season 10 will return a ton of familiar faces, including Kathy Bates, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Anjelica Ross, and Finn Witrock. New to the series is another name you may have heard before: Macaulay Culkin, though we don’t yet know what role he (or any of the cast) will be playing.

No word on when production will start on Season 10, but at least we can look forward to plenty more American Horror Story in the distant future: FX already has renewed the series through its 13th season.

From the world of grotesquely cute toys to the big screen, Kidrobot is about to make a big jump. A new movie based on the popular line of minifigures, plushes, and collectibles is reportedly on the way from newly-founded film company Capacitor Studios.

Variety reports that Capacitor Studios, founded by Covert Media and Annapurna Pictures veteran Paul Hanson (District 9) and other industry insiders, has tabbed Kidrobot as one of two toy franchises for its first foray into feature films (the other, Feisty Pets, will feature the kids’ line of trash-talking plush toys).

Two-time CLIO award winner Robert Rugan has reportedly been tapped to direct the Kidrobot movie, working off a script from comedy writer Mark Ember (Failure to Launch, Get Smart) and collaborator Tom Astle (The Hughleys, The Tracy Morgan Show).

Kidrobot Mechagodzilla figure

Hanson told Variety that the film adaptation for Kidrobot aims to tap the same loyalty that toy lovers feel for their adopted icons, using “great storytelling that turns audiences into rabid fans” eager to embrace the brand across platforms that go beyond the big screen. “That passion drives a desire for further engagement with a brand or franchise, potentially including toys and other consumer products, video games, hobby games, and publishing,” Hanson said.

In addition to being known for its line of toy figures for avatar-based rock supergroup Gorillaz, Kidrobot also makes toys that take their inspiration from nearly every corner of fandom, including Godzilla, DC Entertainment, Marvel, Nickelodeon, Adult Swim, and more. There’s no early word on casting or a release date for the Kidrobot movie, so stay tuned.

Finally, more chills: Annabelle director John R. Leonetti is about to head into the horrific, mythic past with Lullaby, a big-screen story about invoking the wrath of an ancient spirit through the innocent power of song.

Deadline reports that Ramón Rodríguez (who played the ninja Bakuto in Netflix’s Defenders and Iron Fist, as well as the conspiracy-minded Leo Spitz in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) has signed on with previously cast Game of Thrones alum Oona Chaplin to star in the upcoming horror movie. Chaplin played Talisa Maegyr, Robb Stark’s ill-fated wife, in GoT’s second and third seasons, and also appeared in the “White Christmas” special episode of Black Mirror.

Ramon Rodriguez via Getty
Oona Chaplin via Getty

Per the report, Lullaby tells the story of “a new mother who discovers a lullaby in an ancient book and soon regards the song as a blessing. But her world transforms into a nightmare when the lullaby brings forth the ancient demon Lilith” through the inadvertent use of a decidedly anti-Lilith Hebrew phrase contained in the song.

Written by Alex Greenfield (The Temple) and collaborator Ben Powell (The Sand) and produced by Alcon Entertainment, Lullaby is reportedly expected to begin filming in Toronto later this month.