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Legends of Tomorrow DC FanDome panel teases aliens, new Legends, and perhaps a musical

By Justin Carter
Legends of Tomorrow team

The Legends of Tomorrow have traveled through time to fight demons and immortal ex-boyfriends. So how do you change the game for Season 6? Well, you kidnap Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) and leave the others lost without their leader. 

During the show's DC FanDome panel today, which featured most of the cast, as well as show producers Keto Shimizu, Phil Klemmer, and Grainne Godfrey, who were quick to assuage worries that Sara would be absent from the season after she was snatched up by aliens in the final moments of Season 5.

We'll still follow her adventure, and Klemmer finds that this helps the show overall, as they have a tendency to do a lot. "Simplicity is a luxury on a show like ours," he admitted, "so it's nice to slow down every once and a while."

For the other Legends aboard the Waverider, Sara's absence has created a power vacuum, and even Ava (Jess Macallan) will find herself frayed at her girlfriend's loss. In Klemmer's words, some "unlikely people" will have to step up to fill in the interim leadership role, though he didn't specify which ones.

Whoever the temporary leader is, all the Legends will have to contend with a new member joining the Waverider: Esperanza "Spooner" Cruz. Played by Lisseth Charez, Cruz was nabbed by aliens herself and has nothing but vengeance on her mind. Her alien encounter also left her with the power to talk to aliens telepathically, making her a key asset for the Legends...if they can get along with her, that is. Like Shimizu said, she has to earn her spot in the family, as previous Legends like Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Ava have done in the past. 

Despite the shift to aliens, the Legends will still be traveling through history, marking the first time this show has tackled extraterrestrials since the Arrowverse "Invasion!" crossover of Season 2. Supergirl has primarily been the source of aliens for this universe, but Shimizu promises that they'll be putting their own distinct (read: probably hilarious) spin on it. The show's ethos for years has been "anything goes," and everyone is aware of the freedom the show has allowed them. 

That could even include a musical, in the words of producer Grainne Godfrey. "Yeah, why not?" she laughed. "Anything's in the cards. We can do anything!" 

Legends of Tomorrow returns to the CW in 2021.

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