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Legit or Bulls***: Scary movie fan theories


In the minds of movie fans, the onscreen stories aren't always enough to satisfy our curiosity about these strange and occasionally terrifying worlds. We want more than just closure; we want to understand these stories on a meta level. Or at least to see the hidden connections and meanings that no one else does. In that way, fan theories have been around long before the first Liberal Arts degree. But sometimes the speculation is the fun part.

To celebrate Halloween, SYFY WIRE's Legit or Bulls*** is tackling three scary movie fan theories that seem very plausible to us. The first theory concerns one Sam Loomis, a man who seemingly links Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho to John Carpenter's Halloween. Perhaps Carpenter was just paying homage to Hitchcock when he named Michael Myers' psychiatrist after the private investigator in Psycho. Sure. But what if they're actually the same guy? Did Loomis go back to school to become a doctor after his close call with Norman Bates? Mother, can we get a ruling?

If you've ever seen Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory then you know that film is terrifying. There's a reason that Honest Trailers calls it "Saw for kids." But what if this darkly funny fantasy was actually an extended metaphor for Dante's Inferno? Look at the evidence, as the fates of the children line up with their sins. Wonka also seems somewhat gleeful as the kids give into temptation, which makes him seem downright demonic.

Finally, we think the entire Hocus Pocus universe is one of the scenarios from the Cabin in the Woods movie. It's just too perfect of an archetype, even if we have to jump through a lot of mental hoops to make that one work.

Are these theories Legit or BS? Watch the entire video and weigh in by sharing your thoughts in the comment section!