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SYFY WIRE Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Look of the Week: Prudence and Ambrose are CAOS couple style goals

By Emma Fraser
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Welcome back to Look of the Week, celebrating the best in TV and film sartorial excellence, past and present across sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and other genre classics! 

Witches on screen have long possessed sartorial powers that far outrank any other supernatural being, from Veronica Lake in I Married a Witch to the women of American Horror Story: Coven. The ability to perform incantations and look good is something most TV and film witches possess. Since its debut in 2018, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has made its costume design mark that has us coveting knitwear, red coats, and lace collars, which are perfect for any era. The timeless aesthetic extends beyond the character’s closets; the limited use of technology and old cinematic horror classics the Greendale theater favors are just two examples of its very fun retro leanings that mirror their neighboring town Riverdale.

Spoilers ahead for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Part 3.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Most of the characters who inhabit this witchy world could land a spot on Look of the Week, including Zelda Spellman (Miranda Otto) who has a penchant for leopard print and crushes the Daphne du Maurier vibe as the newly-appointed High Priestess. Meanwhile, Sabrina herself (Kiernan Shipka) continues to put a spell on us via highly covetable turtlenecks — I have pretty much worn a different t-neck every day since finishing Part 3 — leather jackets and mini-skirts. Meanwhile, Madam Satan (Michelle Gomez) is delivering creepy bone frock accessorizing (that reads like an homage to The Cell) and newbie Caliban’s (Sam Corlett) talon-detailed vest emphasizes why he is the Prince of Hell.

However, there is one person who continues her reign as Chilling Adventures style queen, and her on-again, off-again boyfriend is joining her for the ride. That’s right, Prudence (Tati Gabrielle) and Ambrose (Chance Perdomo) are not messing around when it comes to their impossibly sexy wardrobe or the hunt for Father Blackwood (Richard Coyle). 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Prudence made her mark from the very first episode, not only because she was set up as the main antagonist to Sabrina, but because Oscar-winning costume designer Angus Strathie gave her such a striking signature look alongside fellow Weird Sisters Agatha (Adeline Rudolph) and Dorcas (Abigail Cowen). The lace collar/lace cuffs styling was the perfect uniform for the academy — and helped make her one of our best-dressed characters of 2018. As the de facto ruling students, the Weird Sisters are united in their look but the audience is never in any doubt that Prudence is in charge.

The ‘60s influence (to match the period in which the Sabrina comics are set) is evident in their attire, which also blends Edwardian and Victorian elements into the design. By the time Sabrina wears a red version of this dress in the penultimate chapter of Part 1 — an overt nod to Rosemary’s Baby — there is less animosity between this group, but she will never be truly one of them. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Cut to Part 3 and a lot has changed since Sabrina’s first day at the Academy of Unseen Arts: the version of the institution they attended no longer exists. The time for a school uniform-adjacent wardrobe is over and Prudence has bigger fish to fry. Ambrose joins her as they search for Father Blackwood (and the missing twins) across the globe, but thankfully, because they’re witches they don’t have to worry about luggage restrictions or checking in for a flight. And of course, they are perfectly dressed for each location.  

Color doesn’t often feature in Prudence's clothing — she favors a classic black and white clothing scheme — but in New Orleans, she indulges in a pink Bardot tiered frock, perfect for dealing with the heat. Her black visible bra ups the steamy factor, which is in contrast to the more demure frocks in Part 1. Despite her frustration at their futile efforts, Prudence is not going to let her bonafide style status slip. Ambrose keeps it casual while dealing with the humidity, opting for a simple shirt and neckerchief combo. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

For the true couple vacation sartorial goals, look no further than "Chapter Twenty-Two: Drag Me to Hell," when their hunt leads them to Loch Ness, Scotland. Going full Outlander cosplay, Prudence works the fierce red tartan and knits with aplomb, and the sword on her back is far more than an accessory – Jamie Fraser, eat your heart out.

Not to be outdone, Ambrose appears to be keeping it casual in a turtleneck and leather jacket before a wider shot reveals the on-Scottish theme kilt surprise. After all, when in the Highlands! 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Back in Greendale, the pair continue their spellbinding dominance, oscillating between chic af black lace, opulent velvet jackets, and even the casual go-to symbol of hot dudes: the henley. Despite some Father Blackwood-related interference at the start of their relationship, this pair is incredibly well-suited to one another and not just because they both favor clothing with a bit of flair. Dorcas and Agatha do return to the lace collars of the past seasons, but Prudence has graduated beyond this youthful look as danger levels have increased. The Weird Sisters are no longer as tight as they once were. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Outfits that accommodate her choice of weapon come into consideration; a leather sword holster works far better with a leather jacket and pants than a delicate frock. Toward the end of Part 3, Prudence goes full swashbuckler in silk and leather. It tips into an edgy aesthetic and the visible bra ups the scorching hot levels of these ensembles. 

Chilling Adventures is incredibly fond of an underwear reveal, regardless of whether the rest of an outfit is part of the equation. Witches and performing magic is sexy, which also applies to the warlocks. Again, there is a reason why Prudence and Ambrose are so compatible, and their costume design underscores this aspect. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

When the remaining members of the coven take part in the Hare Moon lunar festival (also requiring an underwear reveal), the entire ensemble provides a strong sartorial turnout to the Midsommar-meets-Gatsby-themed-party vibe. The all-white outfits are a change of pace for a group that typically dresses in black garments, which instantly makes them look like (stylish) lambs at the slaughter when the pagans crash this sacred event.

Prudence is, of course, the best dressed in a beautiful white lace frock and a black wide-brim hat. She looks ready for a day at the Veuve Clicquot-sponsored polo.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The bold black rose collar accessory and statement earrings are an effortlessly cool addition. Meanwhile, Ambrose, having spent a lot of time in fancy robes, brings out his jacquard best for this affair — although this does feel very much like when a Hollywood actress dresses up for a photocall and her male co-star shows up in a far more casual ensemble. 

As a couple, they are united in taste and motivation for most of Part 3, but circumstances are not in their favor toward the end. Danger levels continue to increase and death has likely left a permanent mark on someone close to Prudence. The road ahead is full of obstacles — and considering recent developments in hell, things are only going to become more complicated for everyone in Greendale. No matter how tough it gets, the audience can at least count on Prudence and Ambrose to cast their style spell.