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Lucifer adds 6, 6, 6 more episodes to final Netflix season

By Jacob Oller
Lucifer and Espinoza in Lucifer

Fan-favorite Lucifer already rose from the depths of Hell once when the devilish show found a new life at Netflix after its Fox cancellation, but now its upcoming fifth and final season will be a little beefier than fans previously expected. That’s because, rather than the 10 episodes that was previously announced (and that would match with Season 4), Lucifer has added six episodes to make its finale a full 16.

TVLine reports the news, which would bring the total number of Lucifer episodes to 83 and ensure that no season of Lucifer had the same number of episodes. This also seems to show that the series’ relationship with its streaming savior is even healthier than previously imagined. Executive producer Ildy Modrovich had previously explained that Lucifer is getting the “ending it deserves” thanks to the support of the higher-ups, but with an additional six episodes, it now seems that fans will be getting all that good stuff leading up to this finale as well.

Boosting the show’s episode count in its final season only showcases the support its new network feels towards the show and should assuage fans upset with its impending end. If the show adds more episodes and is still ending, it’s a good sign that those at the top are ready to wrap things up — no matter how much love they’re getting from their fanbase.

And as far as the final season goes, it looks like things are right in the middle of production:

Lucifer’s fifth and final season was first announced back in June and doesn’t yet have a premiere date, though 2020 seems likely.

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