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Lucifer comic scribe on melding Satan's best elements from the comics and TV show

By Josh Weiss
Lucifer Season 4 Netflix

Next month, Lucifer will enjoy a fourth season on Netflix after the show was canceled by Fox last May. Fortunately, fans haven't had to go cold turkey because Vertigo recently launched a brand-new comic around the character with writer Dan Watters.

The seventh issue of that series (which is part of the Sandman Universe, by the way) goes on sale later this week and we ran an exclusive first look earlier today. While speaking with Mr. Watters, we were sure to ask if the live-action TV show had any influence on his writing for the book.

"Honestly, between the TV show and Lucifer’s other extensive comic runs, it’s been more of a case of taking influence by omission. We didn’t come at this book wanting to create either a tribute act or an adaptation, because those versions already do the things they do far better than I could do them. What’s the point in doing them again?" Watters exclusively tells SYFY Wire.

Instead, Watters took a more general approach:

"I looked at what elements made both work, and what we could break and take off in directions of our own while still creating something that was recognizably Lucifer. I wanted to create my version of this entity, and use it to explore different questions. The Devil is a wonderful lens for talking about pretty much anything that pertains to the darkness of the human heart. Which, alas, means most things when you’re human. There are so many stories to tell about him and with him, and probably a few that he’d like to tell us."

Lucifer's fourth season falls from grace and onto Netflix on Wednesday, May 8. The series was developed by Tom Kapinos (Californication) and stars Tom Ellis (The Strain) in the titular role.

Lucifer #7 (drawn by Max Fiumara and Sebastian Fiumara) goes on sale this Thursday, April 18. Dave McCaig serves as a colorist, while Steve Wands handles lettering.