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Does 'Lucifer' deserve a spot in TV Heaven? Critics say Netflix's final season is a devilish 'victory lap'

By Josh Weiss
LUCIFER 602 Still

Even Satan deserves a happy ending, right? He does when he's played by the incredibly handsome and sympathetic Tom Ellis! The sixth and final season of the DC-inspired Lucifer leaves the fiery pits of damnation for Netflix this Friday (Sep. 10), and critics are finally able to break their holy vows of silence about the last batch of episodes. 

The question on everyone's minds is this: does Lucifer ultimately deserve a spot in eternal TV paradise or is it doomed to be cast into the darkness of pop culture obscurity? Per the first reviews, Season 6 might not be the best thing ever, but it sure as hell (pun intended) gives the fan favorite show the sendoff it so richly deserves.

Say your prayers and check out what critics are saying below...

"Season 6 could have done more with less, but instead chose to write itself into some very complicated corners that don’t quite pay off and are sure to ruffle some angel wings. Ultimately, however, it gives closure to its characters in a way that should be mostly heartwarming to its fanbase. It’s a fun, touching season to cap a fun series with a great cast that sells it, silliness and all." -Juliet Bennett Rylah, IGN

"Lucifer lost its way quite spectacularly in the second half of season five, but this victory lap feels like a real opportunity for the series to find some redemption. This show’s strongest and most under-utilised asset has always been its supporting cast, so it’s gratifying to see them given more opportunities to have fun before they bid farewell to their respective roles for good. While Lucifer continues to underwhelm in other areas, the first two episodes of Season 6 are serviceable, unchallenging entertainment. " -David Craig,

"While endings of any series are a difficult thing, Lucifer's sixth and final season ultimately gives the show a proper send-off," writes Nicole Drum of "These final 10 episodes are filled with the same heart and humor fans have come to know and love, while also offering real closure as it ties things together from every season. With strong performances, well-crafted episodes, and just the right amount of fan service, Lucifer Season 6 is not only a fantastic season of television but a delightful last hurrah for the Devil himself." -Nicole Drum,

"Throughout the series, [Lucifer] grew to respect humanity, even care for us. It’s to Lucifer’s credit that we could ever imagine the devil as our friend. What’s most impressive about this final season is how it redeems every misstep along the way (this writer’s still steaming over Maze’s pointless heel turn in Season 3). That’s perhaps fitting for the show’s ultimate premise, that we are never just our worst moments, nor are we exclusively our best." -Stephen Robinson, The A.V. Club

"All in all, Lucifer Season 6 takes risks while keeping its imminent end in mind. Despite the flapping of angelic wings or the hellish groans of demons, it dares to tread away from the spectacular to end the story of the Devil with a somewhat more honest look at the human condition — in all its ugliness and beauty. It combines everything these beloved characters have been through up until this point to end Lucifer on a high and poignant note." -Narayan Liu, Comic Book Resources

"Season 6 of Lucifer was a rollercoaster. The highs were high, and the lows broke my heart, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Tom Ellis pulled on my heartstrings like never before, giving the last few episodes a little extra fire behind them. I rarely enjoy the ending of a series, but Lucifer tied up all the loose ends nicely and fans will be satisfied with where the series finishes off. If you’ve been watching for the last five seasons, don’t miss out on Lucifer Season 6. If you haven’t been watching, Netflix has everything you need to dive in — and I highly recommend you do." -Dayna Eileen, Backlot Magazine

Season 6 of Lucifer premieres on Netflix this Friday, Sep. 10.