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Netflix's expletive-filled blooper reel for 'Lucifer' Season 5 is a hell of a good time

By Josh Weiss
Lucifer Season 5

They say the devil is in the details, but we say he's in a Netflix blooper reel for Season 5B of Lucifer. And we'd be right! If you're looking for more hellish content after binging the entire second half of the fifth season, then watch Tom Ellis, Lauren German, and the rest of the show's cast laugh and curse their way through flubbed takes that are just too damn funny to pass up. It should come as no surprise that the leader of the Underworld and all things profane has a predilection for profanity.

You can check out the blooper reel in the tweet below, but be warned that it does contain language that may not be suitable for younger viewers. May Satan have mercy on your eternal soul!

"We tried an F-bomb and it just felt a little weird. It was good that we tried it, because we sort of wanted to see how it felt," co-showrunner Joe Henderson explained to TVLine after Netflix "rescued" the series for a fourth season in 2019. "It’s like when you get a toy and you start playing with it, and then you start to realize that maybe this toy, as fun as it is to play with, isn’t the right toy to play with on the show. Families watch our show, like older families, and while we wanted to both make a show that pushed the boundaries, we also didn’t want it to feel unnecessarily profane. We did say 'sh**' a couple times. And we used a 'bullsh**' when absolutely necessary, or we tried to."

Seasons 1-5 of Lucifer are now available to stream on Netflix. A sixth and final season is currently in production.