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James Wan, Jason Blum, and Allison Williams agree: M3GAN would ruin Chucky in a fight

The producers, director, and star of the upcoming film M3GAN have no doubts that she'd best Chucky in a fight.

By James Grebey
Chucky; M3GAN (2023)

Here at SYFY WIRE, we’re quite partial to Chucky. He made his debut in the 1988 horror flick Child’s Play, and he is currently scaring, stabbing, and wise-cracking in SYFY and USA Network’s Chucky series, which recently wrapped up its sophomore season. Chucky is the killer doll to beat, but it turns out he might have been beaten. The producers, star, and director of M3GAN all think that the deadly A.I.-powered doll from the upcoming Universal horror-thriller would totally kick Chucky’s butt.

“M3GAN’s got this,” Allison Williams, the star of the movie, tells SYFY WIRE at a press junket ahead of the Jan. 6 release date. “It feels so simple to me. M3GAN can just do all of the research there is on Chucky’s weaknesses in a millisecond and figure it out. She has too many resources. It’s not a fair fight.”

Williams knows M3GAN’s resources well. In the movie, she plays Gemma, a roboticist at a toy company who invents a robotic doll named M3GAN. When she unexpectedly takes custody of her niece, Cady, after her parents die in a car accident, Gemma deploys M3GAN to be Cady’s new best friend (and, essentially, parental figure, since Gemma’s not quite cut out for it). Things go wrong, though, because M3GAN is protective, smart, quick-learning, and equipped with access to the internet and all the world’s knowledge, as well as some sort of carbon-fiber skeleton. All of these things make her more than a match for Chucky — a standard cloth and plastic Good-Guy Doll possessed by a tenacious but not especially brilliant serial killer. 

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“There’s no question that M3GAN would definitely win. She’s much smarter than Chucky,” says Jason Blum, the powerhouse horror producer behind M3GAN and many other Blumhouse Productions. The other big-name producer of the movie, co-writer James Wan of The Conjuring and Malignant fame, was inclined to cut Chucky a break. 

I’m a big Child’s Play fan,” Wan said. “They’re playing in different worlds.” 

James is more diplomatic than me,” quipped Blum.  

Child's Play 2

Gerard Johnstone, who directed M3GAN, also gave the W to the TikTok-dancing robot doll. Ever the entertainer, though, Johnstone wanted there to be a good fight. 

“I have to say M3GAN, obviously, but for the viewers, we would have to make sure it’s not a quick decision,” he said. “M3GAN would just keep him alive long enough to prove a point.”

It’s a brutal outcome for Chucky, though perhaps an expected one. If we’d asked Don Mancini or other people behind the series, they might have named Chucky the winner. It’s possible that Team M3GAN is discounting Chucky’s supernatural abilities, but unless (until?) there’s a crossover, we won’t know for sure. 

And, in any case, it seems pretty clear that neither M3GAN nor Chucky would stand a chance against the gigantic monolithic Margot Robbie from the first Barbie teaser trailer

M3GAN opens in theaters on Jan. 6. Season 1 of Chucky is streaming now on Peacock.