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Manifest Season 2 trailer: More mysteries, more chills, and…a date with death?

By Benjamin Bullard
Manifest via NBC website

Well, it’s not as if they had any kind of cliffhanger to resolve or anything — but then, that’s to be expected when your entire show is basically one big five-year cliffhanger. NBC just dropped the trailer for the second season of Manifest at New York Comic Con, and it’s almost as though fate is guiding the passengers (and their conflicted counterparts back home) along an on-rails path toward a much bigger mystery than solving what happened to a missing plane.

SYFY WIRE was there for the Manifest panel at Comic Con, and now that they're back from their ordeal, the passengers’ crisis state mostly hasn’t eased up at all — especially now that they’re half-convinced that there’s a “death date” that’ll expire them after the same time has elapsed that matches the time they were missing in the first place. Sure, there’s a glimmer of optimism with Grace’s new pregnancy…but her determined effort at happiness only serves to highlight everyone else’s fear. 

Check out the Season 2 trailer for Manifest below:

The panel also teased the arrival of new characters, which means we may finally get some insight into the true identity of that mystery passenger who was seated next to Saanvi in Season 1. Interestingly, the Season 2 clip doesn’t shy away from some dark horror moments (check out that mangled corpse), plus a last-second abduction and the lingering question of what’s really been hiding away in Zeke’s cave.

Flight 828 may have returned to Earth, but Manifest is just getting off the ground. Season 2 returns to NBC after the midwinter TV break, with the premiere episode set to arrive sometime next spring. 

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