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SYFY WIRE Black Lives Matter

Marc Bernardin's The Plague Nerdalogues sets star-studded 'Second Wave' for Black Lives Matter

By Jacob Oller
Marc Bernardin Getty

Prolific writer, producer, and host Marc Bernardin (Castle Rock, Fatman Beyond, SYFY WIRE's Battlestar Galacticast) has been taking advantage of the socially distanced limitations caused by the coronavirus pandemic. If fan-favorite genre stars are stuck at home, then they may as well be performing. And if they'll be performing, it may as well be for a worthy cause. That's how The Plague Nerdalogues came about, taking housebound stars and giving them famous TV/film monologues to perform for charity. Now, with the world upheaved not only by a widespread virus but a widespread anti-racism movement in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, the Nerdalogues second showing is set to benefit Black Lives Matter.

The first wave of contributing actors was a star-studded list including prolific voice actors, TV stars, and MCU members like Phil Lamarr, David Dastmalchian, Rob Benedict, Rekha Sharma, and Clarke Wolfe, and the new trailer for The Plague Nerdalogues: Second Wave teases an equally impressive roster.

Check it out:

From showers to carefully curated Zoom call windows, the actors of the second wave are putting in the work to help support Black Lives Matter.

"As the protests were really gathering momentum a couple of weeks ago — as the world was taking to the streets to demand progress when it comes to systemic racism in America — I was really taken by the idea that fighting this fight can take many forms," Bernardin tells SYFY WIRE. "For me, given that the infrastructure for the Plague Nerdalogues was already in place, it made sense to pivot and do what I do: Help bring people stories that might make them smile or make them think or, hopefully, both."

He adds: "Before I did it, however. I asked every actor who’d contributed to the first iteration of the Plague Nerdalogues — which raised funds for No Kid Hungry — if they’d still be comfortable lending their faces to the cause. And not a single one blinked. And every actor who signed on was thrilled to contribute. We are all moved to action — and to see actors use their immense gifts in service of something bigger, well, it’s a hell of a thing to behold."

With monologues from Jurassic Park to Captain America: Civil War, stars like Kevin Smith, Malcolm Barrett, Will Forte, Yvette Nicole Smith, Dani Fernandez, Tracie Thoms, Jorge Garcia, Grant Gustin, and Jay Pharoah are leaving it all on the teleconferenced field for charity. Those interested in seeing the full videos can donate to Black Lives Matter through The Plague Nerdalogues website and see all the available monologues, with new ones added as they're submitted.

The second wave of The Plague Nerdalogues kicks off today, June 12.