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SYFY WIRE Sesame Street

Mark Hamill, Josh Gad, and others mourn the passing of Sesame Street's Caroll Spinney

By Josh Weiss
Caroll Spinney

No matter who you are, Sesame Street probably impacted your formative years in some way, shape, or form.

How could it not be the case when the series' famous puppets (created by the late great Jim Henson) have been educating young audiences for the last five decades? Today, fans were shocked and saddened to learn that Caroll Spinney, longtime voice and puppeteer of characters like Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, passed away in his home at the age of 85.

While Spinney officially retired from Sesame Street work last fall, his contributions to the show will live on for decades (perhaps centuries) to come. He brought his puppets to life—whether it meant stepping into a full body suit or pulling strings just out of frame—and unleashed them upon the world where they are now beloved icons of pop culture.

Audiences, both young and old, are currently mourning Spinney's death on social media. As of this moment, Mark Hamill, Josh Gad, Matt Oswalt, and more have all tweeted out touching tributes to the man who helped Sesame Street become one of the most recognizable IPs across the entire globe.

Find out how the world of entertainment is commemorating the loss of Spinney in the tweets below...