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'Meet Cute': Kaley Cuoco & Pete Davidson relive the same date over and over in Peacock's sci-fi rom-com

DeLoreans are so old hat. Tanning beds are the new hotness for time travel!

By Josh Weiss
Meet Cute (2022)

You've seen a DeLorean, a phone booth, and a hot tub all used as time machines over the years, but what about a tanning bed? Not exactly the first thing that comes to mind, but it's exactly the conduit through which Kaley Cuoco (The Flight Attendant) travels to the past in the official trailer for Meet Cute.

Arriving on Peacock later this month, the film puts a genre spin on the romantic comedy formula with a Groundhog Day meets Palm Springs set-up. Cuoco plays Sheila, a woman who decides to relive the same date over and over again in an effort to make the perfect partner out of the hapless Gary (Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson). Needless to say, Gary is none too pleased when he learns the truth about a woman who is not only messing with his free will, but also has no qualms about killing her past self.

Watch the trailer now:

“If I had a time machine right now I’d be torn. Do I skip ahead to our release date or do I go back and relive the joy it was making this film? Lucky for me it’s a decision I don’t get to make,” director Alex Lehmann said last month. "I'm excited for audiences to get swept away on this wild romantic ride exclusively on Peacock."

“We are thrilled to add Meet Cute to our slate of Peacock original movies this Fall,” added Val Boreland, Executive Vice President, Content Acquisition, NBCUniversal Entertainment, Television and Streaming. “It’s the perfect film to join Peacock’s catalogue as the service continues to expand with a range of films for every fan and occasion.” 

Cuoco and Davidson also serve as executive producers alongside Blair Ward, Art Robinson, Anders Erdén, Sara Shaak, Jonathan Taylor, Simon Fawcett, Martin Sprock, Brian O’Shea, Nat McCormick, Caddy Vanasirikul, Galen Smith, Marc Danon, Noga Pnueli (who also wrote the screenplay), Julie Kroll, Monte Lipman, Dana Sano, David Gendron, and Ali Jazayeri. Akiva Goldsman, Rachel Reznick Wizenberg, Gregory Lessans, Santosh Govindaraju, and Dan Reardon are producers in association with Weed Road Pictures.

This is the first of Cuoco's partnerships with Peacock, which has already cast her in the lead role for Based on a True Story. An exploration of America's obsession with true crime, the show (executive produced by Jason Bateman) involves a former tennis star and the slow-close toilet seat.

Meet Cute strolls onto Peacock Wednesday, Sep. 21.

Meet Cute Key Art

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