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Meet Monte, the rescue dog cast in Disney's live-action Lady and the Tramp remake

By Josh Grossberg
Lady and the Tramp

Talk about your underdog! In a wags-to-riches tale only Hollywood could love, an adorable mutt rescued from a Las Cruces, New Mexico animal shelter will be making his acting debut in Disney's upcoming live-action Lady and the Tramp remake.

The pooch, named Monte, will play everybody's favorite feisty streetwise Tramp in the movie and will be voiced by Justin Theroux. While Lady will be voiced by Tessa Thompson and will be played by a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel named Rose. Lady and the Tramp is slated to premiere on Disney's new streaming service, Disney+ on Nov. 12.

And no doubt, it'll be love at first sight once viewers get a load of these two sharing spaghetti while a pair of cooks croon Bella Notte!

Per the Las Cruces Sun News, the two-year-old terrier mix was part of a group of 50 dogs that were rescued from the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley in Las Cruces in April 2018 by Phoenix, Arizona-based HALO Animal Rescue. But little did his rescuers realize they had a bone-afide star on their hands when trainers from Hollywood came across the canine while scouting for talent for the reboot of Disney's classic 1955 animated doggy romance.

"We knew that they were potentially seeking a dog for Hollywood but we didn't know why," Heather Allen, president and CEO of HALO, told the paper. "It was top secret, they were looking for a particular look and we weren't sure for what."

The trainers subsequently adopted Monte whose shelter notes described him as the perfect people companion.

"His notes said he was super friendly, greets people right away, gives kisses, loves attention, he knows how to sit, and walks well on a leash," Allen recalled.

While Monte's gets ready for his close up, according to a post from HALO, he's being a "good boy and loving life" living with his fur-ever family.

"They send us photos of him from home. He has a great family," she said, adding that she was pleased the Mouse House opted to go with rescue dogs, many of whom hail from mixed breeds and find it difficult to find loving owners willing to adopt them.

"It's special when these things happen. It helps show the world that shelter animals are wonderful and people can find their next best friend there," she said. "They could be highly trained to be in movies. It shows that they're not a bunch of broken and discarded animals. They make great family pets as well."

Eat your heart out, Benji.

The voice cast also includes Sam Elliot as Trusty the Bloodhound, Janelle Monae as Peg, Ashley Jensen as Jock and Benedict Wong as Bull.

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