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Melissa Benoist, Supergirl cast say goodbye with emotional look back ahead of series finale at DC FanDome

By Benjamin Bullard

It’s (almost) all over but for the laughing…and maybe just a little crying. After six seasons and more costume changes than you can wave a cape at, Supergirl will soon be signing off for good from its primetime perch at The CW.

But of course it wouldn’t be a proper farewell without a little superhero reminiscing, which is exactly what star Melissa Benoist and the core Supergirl cast did as part of this year’s DC FanDome. The gang got together and traded memories from their time on the series, laughing at standout goofball moments (like eating bacon sandwiches in the rain) and thanking fans for sharing their own stories of how Supergirl, through the years, has meant more to many of them than just entertainment.

“It’s changed my life, this show,” Benoist reflects in the FanDome video below. “It’s been a joy, and seeing the way that this canon and the mythology affects people and young girls and the people who look up to our characters — it’s very meaningful.”

Check it out below:

Being on board since the pilot episode makes saying farewell to Supergirl a bittersweet sendoff, admitted costar David Harewood (J'onn J’onzz aka Martian Manhunter). Right after first being cast, Harewood recalled “going home with the Martian Manhunter comics and just reading all of them and thinking ‘this guy is awesome!’… It has been lovely to work with a family — a real family-type group of people that kind of support each other. I’ll definitely miss that.”

That family vibe extends to Supergirl’s sizable fan base as well. Costar Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers aka Sentinel) recalled an especially cool fan con encounter with a Chicago family who said their two daughters — one adopted — looked up to the series as a rare TV portrayal of a healthy adopted family…with the added benefit of sisterly super powers, of course.

Supergirl’s series-spanning look back wasn’t all super-serious, though: Benoist said one of her favorite memories was a ridiculously miserable Season 2 shoot set on the planet Slaver’s Moon, where “it was pouring rain” and everyone was stuck eating bacon treats — while getting clobbered by the downpour — provided by episode director Kevin Smith.

“It was Kevin Smith’s first episode, and he ordered, like, a bacon truck,” Benoist recalled. “So all of us were just eating bacon-wrapped bacon bread, with like cheese and goodness…pouring rain, we were playing games in a random school bus. It was so Star Wars-y, and it was like a buddy adventure!”

Through six seasons of (sometimes) pan-fried fun, it all comes down to this: Catch the series finale of Supergirl at The CW on Nov. 9…and try to hold back those bacon-flavored tears.