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SYFY WIRE Men in Black International

Tessa Thompson tracks down the MIB in new Men in Black International trailer

By Josh Weiss
Men in Black International

Here come the Men in Black. They won't let you remember ... unless you're Tessa Thompson.

In the second trailer for Men in Black International, we learn that Thompson's Agent M joins up with the ultra-secret alien-fighting agency because when she was a kid her parents' memories were wiped clean by a neuralyzer. Somehow, she was overlooked and then spent 20 years of her life looking to find and be recruited by the MiB. In a way, she has similar character motivations to Shazam!'s Dr. Sivana — only nobler.

Director F. Gary Gray (Straight Outta ComptonThe Fate of the Furious) takes over the reins of the sci-fi franchise from Barry Sonnenfeld.

Watch the new trailer below:

After getting the "we are only a rumor spiel" from Emma Thompson's Agent O (the only returning character from the previous film), M takes off for the agency's U.K. branch to investigate a mole and fight against shapeshifting E.T.s with Agent H, played by Tessa's Thor: Ragnarok co-star, Chris Hemsworth.

Liam Neeson takes on the role of High T, leader of the England-based branch of the agency and the man who teams up M and H. On their globetrotting travels, the two agents come across Pawny, a tiny CGI alien who pledges his undying allegiance to M.

Rebecca Ferguson, Rafe Spall, and Les Twins make up the rest of the ensemble cast. The twins, who are well-known French dancers, play those aforementioned shapeshifters. Providing some background on them last month, the film's VFX supervisor Jerome Chen said:

“In their natural state, they’re pure energy. To blend in on this planet, they disguise themselves as humans. They do phase transitioning: changing state from solid to liquid, and back to any solid of their choosing. They can reform things and use them as projectiles. It’s a cool ability.”

Here's the neuralyzing second poster, too:

Men in Black International poster #2

Men in Black International makes a crash landing in theaters June 14. Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, the duo behind the first Iron Man in 2008, wrote the screenplay.