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Minecraft and Reporters Without Borders team to create virtual library of banned journalism

By Jacob Oller
Uncensored Minecraft Library

Proponents of free speech and uncensored reporting may find a new safe haven for articles, reporting, and other potentially banned text: Minecraft. The hit building game for consoles and PC has allowed inventive players to construct in-game computers, logic games, and massive feats of engineering. And they've been able to do it all over the world, with relatively little barrier to entry. But now, thanks to a collaboration between the game and Reporters Without Borders, players can access in a virtual library information they might not otherwise be able to see.

The Uncensored Library launched yesterday in celebration of World Day Against Cyber Censorship (players can find the server here), offering articles by reporters like Jamal Khashoggi, Javier Valdez, Nguyen Van Dai, and more general websites like and the Mada Masr portal that might be banned or blocked in certain countries. These are available both in English and in their original language through the LEGO-like game.

Take a look:

“In many countries around the world, there is no free access to information. Websites are blocked, independent newspapers are banned, and the press is controlled by the state. Young people grow up without being able to form their own opinions. By using Minecraft, the world’s most popular computer game, as a medium, we give them access to independent information," said Christian Mihr, Managing Director Reporters Without Borders Germany, in a statement.

The library was built in collaboration with the design studio BlockWorks, which posted a video of the project, over three months, and is available for gamers to visit now.

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