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SYFY WIRE Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat cast praises Joe Taslim as the only actor besides Bruce Lee who fights too fast for camera

By Vanessa Armstrong
sub-zero mortal kombat trailer

The upcoming Mortal Kombat film is different from those before it. It’s R-rated, for one, which means that the fights and the fatalities can be “sickeningly violent,” as director Simon McQuoid says in a new behind-the-scenes featurette.

The featurette claims that the fights are so impressive not only for their violence, but also because the actors involved really, in McQuoid’s own words, take things to “a level we haven’t seen before.”

That brings us to Joe Taslim. Taslim plays Mortal Kombat legend Sub-Zero in the film, a role he took on after his 10-year-old son agreed with the movie’s producer that his father would be perfect for the part.

In the new video below, Taslim’s cast members along with McQuoid praise the actor’s skill and talents, saying the Judo champion moved so fast that the camera couldn’t capture his moves. According to McQuoid, Joe was not only faster than everyone, but too fast for the film.  

Want to see Taslim and the rest of the cast in action? Check out the video here:

“Joe was so fast, they had to ask him to slow it down for the camera,” Mehcad Brookes, who plays Jax, said in the featurette. “There’s two guys that’s ever happened to: Joe Taslim and Bruce Lee.”

Pretty good company, eh?

Perhaps it's no surprise that Taslim views fighting to be just as important as traditional acting. “When you see a good fight scene, it's never [just] a fight scene. It’s drama,” he previously explained during a set visit attended by SYFY WIRE.

Those who want to see Taslim fight it out as Sub-Zero can watch Mortal Kombat in theaters and on HBO Max starting Friday, April 23.