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'Mythic Quest' returns to the office following COVID hiatus in hilarious trailer for Season 2

By Josh Weiss

After a year of working remotely, the Mythic Quest crew is finally back in the office with the first madcap trailer for Season 2. While the COVID-19 pandemic has had a penchant for humbling many of us since it drastically changed our living habits last March, that doesn't seem to be the case for the show's dysfunctional team of video game developers. Their egos are as big as ever, especially now that Ian (series co-creator Rob McElhenney) and Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) are co-creative leads on the titular fantasy game. They need to launch a new expansion, but can they top the success of Raven's Banquet

Not everyone is back in-person, though. Given his advanced age, writer C.W. Longbottom (F. Murray Abraham, who is 81-years-old in real life) is still working from home, which doesn't put a damper on his grandiose — and sometimes uncomfortable — personality traits. At the same time, the washed-up Nebula-winner "reconciles some unresolved issues from his past," teases the official synopsis.

Elsewhere, Rachel (Ashly Burch) and Dana (Imani Hakim) test the limits of an office romance; unhinged office assistant Jo (Jessie Ennis) starts working for Mythic Quest's scheming Head of Monetization, Brad (Danny Pudi); and put-upon executive producer David (series EP David Hornsby) loses yet another woman in his life.

Watch the trailer below:

In addition to the usual cast of bickering characters, Season 2 also features a slew of guest stars like Snoop Dogg and Drunk History creator, Derek Waters. Naomi Ekperigin, Caitlin McGee, Humphrey Ker, Chris Naoki Lee, and Jonathan Wiggs co-star.

Created by McElhenney, Megan Ganz, and Charlie Day, Mythic Quest was renewed for a second season last January, but was forced to delay production as a result of the global health crisis. To tide fans over, Apple TV+ released a special bonus episode, in which all of the characters appeared from home. Physical production on the new season kicked off in late 2020, but the show wasn't out of the woods yet, hitting the pause button twice after a pair of coronavirus outbreaks among crew members.

The first two episodes of Season 2 of Mythic Quest log onto Apple TV+ Friday, May 7. After that, new episodes will drop on a weekly basis.