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A new game expansion's on the way in first awkward clip from Mythic Quest Season 2 on Apple TV+

By Len Williams

Season 2 of the cult hit Apple TV+ comedy Mythic Quest returns next Friday, May 7 — and the streamer has dropped a first look clip to get us all back into that video game-making mindset.

The series is set in the wacky development office of a hit video game manufacturer, and follows the creatives and crew as they try to create the next big hit expansion. The first two episodes of Season 2 drop at the same time with more episodes hitting every week until the end of June. Apple TV just shared a preview of Episode 1, and it's brimming with all the awkward passive aggression that we love in a good workplace comedy.

David (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia's David Hornspy) runs into his ex-assistant Jo (Jessie Ennis), now working with money man Brad Bakshi (Community alum Danny Pudi). If this clip and the first Season 2 teaser tell us anything, David will be going through it this whole season as he adjusts to these staff shake-ups.

Watch the sneak peek here:

Apple TV+ also teased out the rest of the nine-episode season, which includes hijinks on everything from a new mobile game, to appearances from frenemies, a workplace assessment for the wacky staff, fresh rivalries and even a search for a romantic partner(?!) for someone on the team.

If you missed it the first time around, check out the Season 2 trailer below to get primed for the show's return.