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Naomi explains her interstellar origins in Issue #5 preview

By Jacob Oller
Naomi cover hed

Naomi, the DC/Wonder Comics book from writers Brian Michael Bendis and David Walker alongside artist Jamal Campbell, has been a mystery since its start. The titular character appears to be a regular girl, living in a regular small town... and also Superman shows up. That’s not normal, but there weren’t any answers as to what was going on, why Naomi just happened to be there, and who she (and everyone she knows) actually is.

Now comic fans are getting some interstellar answers.

The official description for the series’ fifth issue promises plenty of vagaries (“In this issue, all secrets are revealed! Who is Naomi? Where did she come from? What can she do? And what does it mean for the rest of the DC Universe?”), but there's way more than what's being let on.

In fact, SYFY WIRE is exclusively revealing some interior pages from Naomi #5, in which the adopted superbeing explains to her friend just where she came from — and what she can do.

Check it out:

We’ve also got some covers:

NAOMI #5 page 1

Missing media item.

Now, fans may still be piecing together all the various alien life forms that live in this town and who’ve had their backstories somewhat explained in recent issues, but Naomi’s powers — specifically that symbol on her chest — are still tantalizingly unclear.

A space war (the Rann–Thanagar War) involving the Green Lantern Corps and many of DC’s planet-hopping heroes resulted in the alien population of her town, but a secondary conflict resulted in her arrival on Earth. With that knowledge, the question of her powers becomes closely linked to those battling amongst the stars: Is Naomi adjacent to the Lanterns? What do you think?

Fans can read the full Naomi #5 — and find out more about these powers — on May 15.