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Casting: Neil Gaiman to appear in Good Omens, Penny Dreadful sequel's cast grows

By James Comtois
Good Omens David Tennant Michael Sheen

First up in this short but sweet casting news twofer, after lending his voice to an episode of Lucifer, Neil Gaiman will be gracing viewers with his presence in Good Omens, the upcoming series based on the novel by Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett.

The author took to Twitter to let fans know that he can be seen — and heard — in two episodes in the first season. 

“If you are very sharpeyed you may see me in episode 4, and if you are very sharpeared you might hear me in episodes 4 and 5,” Gaiman wrote on Twitter in response to a very sharp-eyed fan who noticed he was in cast photos.


But who will he be playing, you might ask? Well, that would be telling. (It’s apparently neither God nor Satan.)  

Described by Gaiman as “six hours of television that for good or for evil isn't anything like you've ever seen before,” Good Omens centers on an unlikely friendship between Crowley (David Tennant), a demon, and Aziraphale (Michael Sheen), an angel, as they both try to prevent the end of the world.

All six episodes of Good Omens will premiere on Amazon Prime on May 31.


Up next, the cast for Penny Dreadful: City of Angels continues to grow. A Showtime rep has confirmed that Jessica Garza and Johnathan Nieves have been cast as series regulars in the premium channel’s follow-up to Penny Dreadful.  

Described by Showtime as “a spiritual descendant” of the original Penny Dreadful set in Victorian-era London, City of Angels opens in 1938 Los Angeles. When a grisly murder shocks the city, Los Angeles police detective Tiago Vega (Daniel Zovatto) takes the case, which embroils him in an epic story reflecting the city’s history. City of Angels will feature all-new characters and storylines.

Garza (The Purge series) has been cast as Josefina Vega, the youngest of the Vega family. Although she plays the part of the quiet and overlooked sister, she possesses a powerful spirit waiting to be unleashed.
Meanwhile, Nieves (Better Call Saul) will play Tiago’s volatile younger brother, Mateo Vega. While essentially goodhearted, he lacks Tiago’s strength of character and ambition, so he’s vulnerable to both his own impulses and various bad influences around him.

John Logan, the Oscar-winning creator of the original, will return as writer and executive producer for City of Angels.

Production is set to begin this year.