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Stowaway: Netflix's mission to Mars takes on some extra weight in first gripping trailer

By Josh Weiss

Just like the cosmos itself, Netflix's library of space-faring content is only getting bigger. Lost in Space, Away, and The Midnight Sky will soon be joined by Stowaway, which dropped its first gripping trailer this morning. Helmed by musician-turned-filmmaker Joe Penna (Arctic), the movie solely unfolds on a ship headed for Mars. The two-year mission is comprised of a tight, three-person crew: commander Marina (Hereditary's Toni Collette), medical researcher Zoe (Pitch Perfect's Anna Kendrick), and biologist Kim (Hellboy's Daniel Dae Kim).

Everything seems to be going swimmingly at first... until the crew discovers the titular stowaway, Michael (Wynonna Earp's Shamier Anderson), a launch support engineer who passed out prior to launch. Now he's stuck in outer space and needs a crash course in how to be an astronaut. If things weren't already complicated enough for you, here's another curveball: the ship's carefully calculated life support system can only sustain three people. Working together, the team must figure out a way to solve the problem before everyone onboard suffocates from lack of oxygen.

Watch the trailer now:

"The thing that feels really relevant is less the isolation of it and more that kind of problem-solving part of your brain that we were all engaging so vigorously in the first couple months of the pandemic," Kendrick recently told Entertainment Weekly. "Just that constant problem-solving of, 'wait, okay, how do we fix this?' And just when it seems like you're onto something, there's some very obvious fundamental problem."

"I had never really read anything like it," added Collette. "It is contained and the characters are confined but the questions posed, moral and otherwise, are vast and wide open."

Stowaway key art

Stowaway premieres on Netflix Thursday, April 22.