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WIRE BUZZ: High Score trailer levels up; AMC rebooting John Ritter's Stay Tuned; more

By Nivea Serrao
Screenshot from High Score Opening Credits Video

Here's one High Score you won't erase so quickly. 

Netflix is releasing a documentary series focused on video games later this month. The six-episode show will explore the birth of several different games within the medium — including Pac-ManDoomSpace InvadersMortal KombatStreet Fighter IIFinal FantasySonic the Hedgehogand more. 

The series will focus on not just the ideas and individuals that sparked these games, but also the people responsible for coding them and creating the visual designs that would go on to become the base upon which the multi-billion dollar industry was built, with some games sometimes even created by accident. 

HIGH SCORE /Netflix (Official Trailer)

And as you'll see in the trailer above, the show won't just focus on the industry's biggest hits, it'll also turn its eye towards some of the more infamous releases over the years. That's right. You'll also get to meet the man responsible for Atari's E.T. video game, a game considered by many to be the worst of all time — talk about something to phone home about! 

High Score will debut on Netflix Aug. 19. 

AMC has found its latest beloved IP to adapt — alongside existing adaptations The Walking Dead and NOS4A2

As Deadline reports, the property in question is the 1992 cult classic film Stay Tuned, which starred John Ritter (Three's Company) and Pam Dawber (Mork and Mindy) as a married couple, Roy and Helen Knable, who get sucked into hell through their new satellite dish, and are forced to survive "Hellvision," a series of shows of varying genres and forms (including animation) in order to eventually free themselves, lest their souls get trapped and owned by Satan.

And if it's not clear from the trailer above, the series will be a great vehicle for lampooning other series and shows, with some of the in-movie programming having included classics such as "The Silencer of the Lambs" and "The Exorcisist."

The idea comes from Fear the Walking Dead co-showrunner and executive producer Ian Goldberg, who will be writing the series alongside Richard Naing, his fellow co-producer on FTWD. The duo previously penned the 2019 haunted house horror flick Elias well as the supernatural horror movie The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

No release date has been set for the series. 

The Waverider won't be quite so empty when DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns next season. 

TVLine reports that Olivia Swann will be remaining on the CW show as a series regular, so Astra will be sticking with the Legends crew a little while longer. 

Swann had previously appeared as Astra Logue — someone John Constantine (Matt Ryan) had accidentally damned to hell after a botched exorcism — in a pair of episodes in Season 4, before returning as a series regular in Season 5, which ended with her character having been freed from Hell, before returning Constantine's soul coin back to him, and deciding to try and live as a human on Earth — and possibly in his manor! 

"A lot of times with characters, we bring them on, and you just have this sneaking suspicion that there is more to explore,” executive producer Phil Klemmer told TVLine previously. "You just kind of had this nagging suspicion of like, ‘Oh, God, I know there’s so much more that you can do, but we just ran out of time,’ and Olivia’s one of those performers. When you saw the sorority episode, that was her first chance to sort of exist out in the world. You get to see that she’s got all these sort of hidden gears." 

He also added: "She’s got a lot to figure out, and that could be super, super fascinating... and she’s great for Constantine as well. Their history really provides a great dynamic."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is scheduled to return Spring 2021.