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SYFY WIRE Resident Evil

The T-virus - and all the monsters - are here in full trailer for Netflix's new 'Resident Evil' series

The next evolution of Resident Evil is almost here thanks to Geeked Week.

By Matthew Jackson
Resident Evil Netflix

This summer, the next phase of the Resident Evil franchise arrives with a new Netflix series that aims to explore a part of the larger story previously unexplored by the games, with a few new twists along the way. The first trailers for the series arrived last month, and now thanks to Netflix's Geeked Week festivities, we have yet another terrifying chunk of footage packed with monsters and mayhem. 

Under the guidance of showrunner Andrew Dabb (Supernatural), the new Resident Evil series is set to unfold across two different time periods. In 2022, we see Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick) move his family into the sleek, high-tech New Raccoon City, where he's set to do some important development work for the Umbrella Corporation. And in 2036, we see Wesker's daughter Jade (Ella Balinska) contend with the fallout from Umbrella's developments, as bloodthirsty zombies and monsters of all shapes and sizes ravage the world. 

The first trailers for the show gave us plenty of monster action, but the new footage also works to play up exactly what's going on with Umbrella in this particular series. It seems that, after a few brutal mishaps in the past, the company is doing its best to rebrand with a new version of its headquarters and a new drug called Joy. The problem? Well, the same problem that plagues every Umbrella product, apparently: There's a virus in the drug that could turn people and other creatures into massive, unstoppable monsters.

Check out how that works out for everyone in the footage below:

There's a lot of intriguing detail in the footage, and it's all made more intriguing by Dabb's revelation that the series is attempting to work as a continuation of the timeline established by the games, not a reboot or a new story. It's all going to weave into one larger tapestry, which leaves plenty of intriguing directions, and plenty of questions (like how Wester's alive at all) for viewers to chew over. 

Resident Evil arrives on Netflix July 14. 

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