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Two new Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventures shorts blast us to Hoth and Tatooine

By Jeff Spry
Star Wars Darth Vader

One of the freshest new notions coming out of the Disney/Lucasfilm camp has been targeted at a younger Star Wars audience with the emergence of a separate YouTube channel filled with intriguing content and recreated animated scenes from the original trilogy.

The first six Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures shorts premiered last fall, which instantly resonated with fans of all ages with their remixed interpretations of classic Star Wars sequences matched with authentic sound effects and screen dialogue.

Galaxy of Adventures

These flashy cartoon confections celebrate the indelible characters and absorbing stories from a galaxy far, far away, showcasing an electrifying art style, thrilling action, and deeper dives into the saga's most important themes.

Here's the most recent pair of Galaxy of Adventures animated gems featured on the Star Wars Kids channel. First watch the evil Lord Darth Vader and his loyal snowtrooper commandos storm the rebel base on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, then check out Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia (clad in her iconic slave bikini) teaming up to escape from the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt aboard his sail barge on Tatooine in Return of the Jedi.

Have a look at both of these bite-sized, kid-friendly toons, crafted by director Barry Kelly and Titmouse Animation, then tell us of you've discovered your fountain of youth.

We've also added their newest Star Wars By The Numbers segment, a four-minute supercut mentioning every singe time military rank is mentioned in the Star Wars Saga! Saluting is optional.