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New trailer for Netflix's Kingdom drives home the fictional, flesh-eating horror of medieval Korea

By Josh Weiss
Kingdom Korea zombies Netflix

Where the first full trailer for Netflix's Kingdom strived to show off the meticulously-recreated period setting of Medieval Korea, the second one delivers some all-out zombie action. While only a little over a minute long, the content is truly terrifying, with one character asking the desperate question of, "How can humans eat humans?!"

One moment that really stands out is a young child calling for their mother, only for the camera to show us that the mother has already turned into a flesh-eating member of the undead. In other words, the second trailer underscores the sense of helplessness and total loss of control that accompanies the zombie apocalypse.

Watch the trailer below:

Taking place in an ancient kingdom struggling with famine and corruption, a crown prince must stave off the zombie horde and uncover an evil conspiracy in order to save his people.

Based on Kim Eun-hee's webcomic, Land of the Gods, the series stars Ju Ji-hoon (Dark Figure of Crime), Bae Doona (Cloud Atlas), Ryu Seung-ryong (Miracle in Cell No. 7), Kim Sang-ho (The Witness), Heo Joon-ho (Sovereign Default), and Jeon Seok-ho (Miss Baek).

The first season of Kingdom (directed by The Tunnel's Kim Seong-hun) rises from the dead on Netflix January 25.