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SYFY WIRE Renfield

'Renfield's Nicolas Cage, Nicholas Hoult & Awkwafina on hitting 'that bullseye of comedy and horror'

"... you've got something quite special, quite... delicious." 

By Adam Pockross
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In a new inside look at Universal's upcoming horror/comedy/action/monster movie, Renfield, the imitable Nicolas Cage, who plays Count Dracula, intoxicatingly describes the film as "delicious." And dare we say, he really looks hungry when he says it. 

"My first initial reaction when I read this was: This is brave; this is original; this is unique" Cage says in the video below. "You hit that bullseye of comedy and horror, and you've got something quite special, quite... delicious." 

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You may think you know the character of Dracula, but you don't know Nic Cage's Dracula. Besides being portrayed by one of the most brave, original and unique actors around, Renfield's Dracula doesn't take center stage in this telling, though he certainly steals plenty of scenes. As the title suggests, it's Hoult's Renfield -- the vampire's faithful servant who's starting to seriously question his faith -- who carries the action. And there's heaps of action -- and horror and comedy -- to be had.

"Horror and action and comedy, all existing in one movie," says The Walking Dead and Invincible creator Robert Kirkman, who came up with the film's original story. And from the inside look below, you can see what he means. 

Get an inside look at Renfield below:

Part of the film's humor, and its conflict, comes from the melding of two classic Hollywood antagonists: horrible bosses and vampires. 

"You have the most narcissistic boss imaginable, who's also a powerful bloodsucking vampire," Hoult says. Indeed, it's this unique blend of toxicity that compels Renfield to try and part ways with his bloodsucking boss. Granted, Dracula has perhaps become a bit too attached to just let his no-longer-loyal servant go without a fight. 

"Codependency is toxic, but there's a level of love there," Awkwafina notes.

The Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings star plays Rebecca, a cop who witnesses Renfield take a heroic stand against a gang of thugs (as seen in the new trailer). She encourages him to try and win back his freedom from his vampiric boss. 
Directed by Emmy winner Chris McKay (The Tomorrow War, The LEGO Batman Movie) the film boasts a screenplay by Ryan Ridley (Ghosted, Rick & Morty). The cast is rounded out by Shohreh Aghdashloo (House of Sand and Fog), Ben Schwartz (Sonic the Hedgehog), Adrian Martinez (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) and Brandon Scott Jones (Ghosts). 

Renfield arrives on the big screen Friday, April 14. You can pick up tickets right now on Fandango.

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