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Norman Reedus promises The Walking Dead Season 9 finale will be '1000% different'

By Christian Long
The Walking Dead Norman Reedus, Eleanor Matsuura, Nadia Hilker

So far, the ninth season of AMC's The Walking Dead has seen the exit of two major characters, a couple of substantial time jumps, some shocking deaths, and the rise of the Whisperers. As the game-changing chapter comes to a close, one has to wonder what new showrunner Angela Kang and company have in store for our plucky band of survivors.

It turns out, something pretty massive. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, star Norman Reedus, who plays the crossbow-wielding, motorcycle-riding loner Daryl Dixon, teased that the upcoming Season 9 finale will be "nothing like you’ve ever seen on The Walking Dead before."

"It’s completely different," Reedus told EW. "It was so fun to shoot. It’s a different look, 1000%, in the end. It’s a huge, visually explosive episode that’s going to be visually stunning."

The Walking Dead season finales have typically been pivotal moments for the show, usually involving showdowns with Negan, the Governor, or other Big Bads. They also have a tendency to end on a cliffhanger, teasing a much larger story to come. It sounds like that trend will continue this year.

"We ended on a way that’s kind of The Great Escape. It’s not a wrap-it-all-up-in-a-bow episode. It’s definitely a moving-forward sort of vibe. It’s just huge," said Reedus.

He also praised Kang's work guiding the series in a new direction, calling her "very punk rock" while noting that "she jumps in. There’s a confidence with our crew and with our cast and with our storytelling that we’ve earned over the years. If you’re going to take risks, now’s the time to take them."

It turns out Reedus isn't the only fan of Kang's work. Andrew Lincoln, who had his character, Rick Grimes, written out of the show early on this season so he can concentrate on a Walking Dead film trilogy, recently said as much to Reedus.

"He was like, 'Man, I picked the wrong time to leave the show, because it’s so f—ing good right now.' I’m like, 'Yeah, you did, dude. You picked the wrong time."

We'll see exactly what Reedus is talking about when The Walking Dead Season 9 finale airs this Sunday on AMC.