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NYCC 2019: The Blackbox of Manifest Season 2


Feeling a bit lost ahead of Manifest’s second season on NBC? This supernatural thriller definitely raised a lot of questions in the first season, especially in the season finale. Fortunately, SYFY WIRE was on hand to speak with the cast and series creator Jeff Rake on the Live Stage at NYCC 2019.

Alongside stars Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, J.R. Ramirez, Parveen Kaur, Luna Blaise, Jack Messina, and Matt Long, Rake also addressed one of the key revelations from last season: The former passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 are literally on borrowed time.

“All of the passengers realized in the season finale that they may only have five and a half years to live,” said Rake. “It’s the exact amount of time that they had been gone. Season 2 spends a lot of time really focused on that death date, both in a very practical sense, Ben and Michaela, Saanvi, each trying to solve the death date, if you will. Trying to figure out why do they only have five and a half years. Is there any way around having such a limited time? That’s part of the mystery that we will be pursuing in the season. By the end of Season 2, you’ll understand a lot more about that.”

Dallas and Roxburgh also touched upon the ongoing sibling drama between Ben and Michaela, while Rake and the other cast members teased the conflicts ahead. There’s also a paternity mystery in the air, and the father will be revealed. For more Manifest details, check out the full video!

Manifest returns to NBC for Season 2 in 2020.