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Neill Blomkamp's Oats Studios unveils its latest sci-fi short, Migrants

By Jeff Spry

Director Neill Blomkamp's (District 9, Elysium) independent experimental film lab, Oats Studios, has released a series of shocking horror and sci-fi short films over the past three years that acted as possible seeds for future film projects and plenty of nightmare fuel for unsuspecting viewers.

The eclectic cinematic think tank already elicited countless sleepless nights with instant mini-classics like Rakka, Firebase, Zygote, God: Serengeti, and the CGI-based Kapture: Fluke. Now Oats Studios has scored another solid hit with the debut of its newest creation to lure the interest of Hollywood financiers, titled Migrants


This serene, proof-of-concept offering was directed by Paul Chadeisson and follows the thoughts and prayers of one of the "cleaners" working on a massive Mars terraforming endeavor. It's all part of a new curated collection of inspiring short films crafted by many of Oats' best-loved filmmakers.

Soar into Chadeisson's hypnotic CGI gem, where workers floating above the Red Planet shape a world far below for those who come after them, then tell us if you believe Migrants could be expanded into something more substantial should Tinseltown eventually come calling!

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