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SYFY WIRE Star Wars Resistance

Orka and Flix take center stage in this week's Star Wars: Resistance

By Swapna Krishna & Preeti Chhibber

This week on Star Wars: Resistance, the Colossus is low on fuel so Kaz, Tora, CB-23, and our favorite duo, Flix and Orka head to Flix’s family refinery to hopefully pick some up. After making through a stormy landing, the team just has to ask for the small favor of some free fuel. What they aren’t prepared for is the family drama Flix brings to the table coupled with, oh, just a few dragons. 

Warning: This recap will contain spoilers for Episode 5, Season 2 of Star Wars: Resistance.

Preeti: "From Beneath" was a fun one! Even though it didn’t progress the plot, I love Flix and Orka and the bird people. 

Swapna: YES, I was so happy to see more about Flix. I agree, this was fun, but I’m not sure how I feel about the overarching plot. The show is on its last season and I feel a little like it’s moving nowhere fast.

Preeti: That’s a fair point, the core storyline hasn’t been progressing as quickly as I’d like — this definitely felt like a filler episode. I’m itching to get back to where the Resistors on the Colossus fit into the larger Star Wars story. 

Swapna: Here’s the question I keep asking myself, though: Is that unfair? Are we asking for and expecting too much from this show, which I think skews a little younger than Clone Wars or Rebels in terms of aimed audience?


Preeti: We’ve been trained by series past to hold a certain expectation in terms of how connected a series is to the larger universe, but you bring up an interesting point. This show could exist somewhat isolated, especially as the intended audience is younger — that said, the most effective moment thus far was at the end of the last season when we saw how the group was hugely impacted by the actions of the First Order. I’m still waiting on Kaz to go back to the moment he had with his father a few episodes ago. 

Swapna: Yes, agreed. And it’s possible they’re trying to move away from the universe being so interconnected — after all, I’m the person who maintains you should be able to enjoy a single part of the Star Wars universe without having to engage in every part of it. So maybe I should appreciate the episode-of-the-week more than I do, but I can’t help but want something bigger, even if it doesn’t tie into the larger universe. Does that make sense?

Preeti: It does! But it comes back to audience, which we’ve discussed before, and this episode felt tailor-made for that younger audience. And as far as content aimed at kids goes, I thought the writing was fairly strong! There were subtle (but not too subtle) hints at climate change and what that means for indigenous species… and I mean… DRAGONS. They put dragons in Star Wars. 

Swapna: I completely agree! There was a lot of environmental responsibility in this episode, which was amazing. And THE DRAGONS. I love it, I think we’ve only seen krayt dragons before, so it was nice to see other ones as well.


Preeti: I also desperately need some behind the scenes footage of Christopher Sean recording his Kaz-yelps. 

Swapna: Yes! Christopher Sean was so good!! 

It was so nice to see more of Orka and Flix in this episode — they are my favorite weird bird-pig couple, and they both just make me happy.

Preeti: Both Bobby Moynihan and James Rash are so great as the characters, and their design is so fun. I had a good time getting to learn a little bit more about Flix and his family. And oh, what a wonderful cameo from Paul F. Tompkins! I spent the entire episode like, I know that voice. I know he’s a huge Star Wars fan — it does feel a bit like Resistance is just reaching out to nerdy actors who are excited to be a part of Star Wars lore, ha ha. 

Swapna: And maybe that’s the lesson here — this is a show that, despite the serious time it’s set in, never takes itself too seriously. It’s nice to appreciate that for what it is, and we need the levity of birds running from a dragon on our screens every once in awhile.

Preeti: Star Wars … BUT WITH DRAGONS. Between this and Elijah Wood, Star Wars is really pulling in those Lord of the Rings dorks*, huh. 

*Us, Star Wars is talking to us.

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