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Boba Fett's Ming-Na Wen battles lizard men in first look at DUST's ‘Parallel Man: Infinite Pursuit’

Travel the multiverse and see the sights... like a world where dinosaurs evolved into people!

By Josh Weiss
Parallel Man YT

You've seen Ming-Na Wen battle the Huns in Mulan; you've seen her battle HYDRA in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; and you've even seen her take on the Pyke Syndicate in The Book of Boba Fett. Now, you can watch the longtime genre vet battle a pack of dangerous lizard men in an exclusive clip from DUST's animated short film, Parallel Man: Infinite Pursuit.

Coming to the sci-fi-centric platform run by Gunpowder & Sky next Monday (March 28) under a fresh partnership with Jeffrey Morris' FutureDude Entertainment, Parallel Man also features the voice talents of Lance Reddick (Fringe) and John Cho (Cowboy Bebop).

The overall narrative centers around Nick Morgan (Cho), an on-the-run super-soldier pursued across the multiverse by commandos dispatched by a totalitarian regime committed to conquering other universes. While trying to evade his pursuers and restore freedom to downtrodden worlds, Morgan "skips" between a number of different realities: a polluted industrial hellscape, a planet where dinosaurs evolved into humanoids (exactly what you'll see below), and a fungal world populated by giant mushrooms.

Interestingly, the Parallel Man IP also spans a limited comic book series, as well as a mobile video game. "It's part of a much bigger story and our goal is to use this short film to blow the property up and turn it into a TV series and hopefully, a lot more," Morris noted during a recent interview with the StudioJake YouTube channel.

Touching on the visual style, he explained: "It was important for me to create something that looked different than the typical animation nowadays. When I was a kid, I saw these really neat animations in the '70s where they had these watercolor backgrounds and gouache backgrounds with these warm colors and everything. I thought, 'What if we put this high technology into more an organic, warm-looking world. And I think that's what we ended up, which is pretty cool."

Watch our exclusive clip now:

The deal with FutureDude also includes the live-action Oceanus: Act One (premiering Monday, April 18), which takes place in a not-too-distant future where humanity has figured out a way to communicate with whales. "Before the final experiment can be conducted, a marine biologist and her aquatic engineer husband are caught in a catastrophic global disaster that separates them from each other and their spectacular underwater city," reads the official synopsis.

“FutureDude Entertainment is tremendously honored to premiere our groundbreaking shorts on DUST," Morris said in a statement. "These films are but a sneak peek into the varied and unique neo-classic universes we’ve been carefully crafting for fans of intelligent and thought-provoking sci-fi entertainment."

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase the unique stories of Parallel Man and Oceanus. Exciting and fast-paced, both films immediately draw the viewer into their fascinating stories. Our DUST audience will no doubt be captivated by the sight of these amazing new worlds brought to life in incredible detail," added Asia Hayes, manager of programming at DUST.

Parallel Man #1 Comic Cover PRESS
Parallel Man: Infinite Pursuit Ming Na Wen And Lance Reddick PRESS

Parallel Man: Infinite Pursuit hops onto DUST Monday, March 28.