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SYFY WIRE Cocaine Bear

Peacock announces 'Cocaine Bear: The True Story' documentary to premiere alongside hit movie

After you watch Cocaine Bear, get a closer look at the true story.

By Matthew Jackson
Cocaine Bear Trailer

This Friday, one of the year's most talked-about theatrical releases will finally be available to stream as Cocaine Bear lands on Peacock, ready to rampage over and over again. But the wild horror-comedy from director Elizabeth Banks won't be the only dose of cocaine-fueled wildlife hitting the streamer this week. Get ready for Cocaine Bear: The True Story

Peacock announced Thursday that it's dropping a one-hour documentary special about the real events that inspired the film on Friday, giving fans the perfect accompaniment to Banks' wild film about a drugged-up bear tearing his ways through the Georgia woods. Think of it as an extra-long bonus feature to go with the movie, as well as a true crime deep dive into a very strange story that's about more than a bear that found some drugs. 

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You've almost certainly heard by now that Cocaine Bear is loosely inspired by a true story, and there was indeed a bear in the 1980s that found a bunch of cocaine in the woods. But what happened to the real bear itself is perhaps not nearly as interesting as the story of how the cocaine got to the woods in the first place. In Cocaine Bear: The True Story, you'll learn that strange tale, how it connects to a Kentucky cop turned drug runner named Drew Thornton, and what it all has to do with a pair of Gucci loafers.

Check out Peacock's trailer for Cocaine Bear: The True Story below:

Sure, The True Story isn't really about a bear on cocaine rampaging through the human population, but if you look closer at the circumstances leading to a bag of cocaine in the woods, you'll get a true crime saga that's almost as bizarre as the heavily fictionalized feature film. Plus, once you've seen the documentary, you'll be able to impress all your friends with your knowledge of what really went down and how it led to all that fictional bear carnage.

Cocaine Bear and Cocaine Bear: The True Story both arrive on Peacock this Friday, April 14.