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SYFY WIRE Cocaine Bear

Where can you stream 'Cocaine Bear'? It's on Peacock right now

Relive the chaos at home.

By Matthew Jackson
Cocaine Bear Trailer

Go nuts and stream Cocaine Bear as many times as you want. Around a month after the horror-comedy hit landed on digital, Universal Pictures has now released the bear and all his friends (and victims) on the Peacock streaming service. That means you can park yourself on the couch and rewatch your favorite moments with the fury of...well, of a bear that did cocaine.

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Directed by Elizabeth Banks, the film is famously based on the true story of a 1985 incident in which a drug trafficker dropped bags of cocaine into the Georgia forest. That cocaine was then found by a bear, who ate a bunch of it and promptly died. In the film version, though, the bear doesn't die. The bear instead gets hopped up on all that powder and starts attacking unsuspecting humans, from law enforcement to hapless hikers and everyone in between. 

Powered by an ensemble cast that includes Keri Russell, Alden Ehrenreich, Margo Martindale, Ray Liotta, O'Shea Jackson Jr., and many more, Cocaine Bear quickly became one of the most talked-about new movies of 2023 when its first trailers landed online. All that buzz soon translated to box office gold when the film landed a very solid opening weekend after a wave of positive reviews. Eventually, the Cocaine Bear high (pun intended) made its way to the stage at the Academy Awards, where Banks and the Bear himself were invited to present an Oscar.

Speaking to SYFY WIRE about assembling the film in the first place, Banks recalled how she was drawn to the project because of its ability to walk between various tones and styles, as well as the need to balance the reality of the actors with the CGI bear.

"I love that balance of holding tone together. I think it's what I do best," she said. "And then it was the idea of being able to work with CGI and the horror stuff because I won't lie, love those movies."

Cocaine Bear is streaming now on Peacock. Don't have a Peacock subscription yet? Head on over and sign up.