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SYFY WIRE Game of Thrones

The Photography of Game of Thrones provides fantastical snapshot of a TV phenomenon

By Josh Weiss
Game of Thrones Bran Stark Lures Night King

Every entertainment outlet's coverage of Game of Thrones would have seriously lacked without the stunning production stills taken by series photographer, Helen Sloan. Funnily enough, she first heard about the show while waiting in line for coffee.

Eight seasons later, and Helen's hard work will be showcased in The Photography of Game of Thrones, the fourth and final GoT book from Insight Editions. To date, we've already exclusively explored the storyboards, costumes, and artwork of the show. Michael Kogge, the author behind the storyboards book, also co-wrote the photography book with Sloan.

"In addition to being an incredible photographer, Helen was a marvelous source of stories and insights," Kogge tells SYFY WIRE. "She is remarkably humble about her accomplishments and always willing to give others credit where credit is due. And there’s nothing like hearing about the making of some of the series’ hallmark battle episodes from someone who was on the front lines, with mud splashing around her lens!"

You know the drill by now, right? Below, you'll get an exclusive first look inside the 416-page book that contains nearly 900 images straight from Westeros. Spotlighting a mixture of behind-the-scenes snapshots and familiar action stills, these spreads touch on momentous moments like the Battle of the Bastards (Season 6) and the Battle of Winterfell (Season 8).

The Photography of Game of Thrones

The Photography of Game of Thrones
"I like the behind-the-scenes photographs, because they tell the story behind the story," adds Kogge. "The world of Game of Thrones is so expertly realized, that one never questions its believability, and these photographs remind us of the production team who gave it their all to bring this massive entertainment to television screens around the globe."

Naturally, the process for writing this book differed wildly for that of the Storyboards project. Kogge explains:

"The Storyboards book demanded narrative summaries of scenes to match what was storyboarded with what was shot. This required multiple viewings of the series to discover the similarities and subtle differences between the show and storyboards. The Photography of Game of Thrones was a different beast, more thematic in tone. For the essays that introduce each chapter, I examined the big issues the series grapples with and these helped organize the photographs in a logical fashion."

The Photography of Game of Thrones

The Photography of Game of Thrones

The Photography of Game of Thrones

"Fans might be surprised to learn how involved Helen was and how much she shot on her own," finishes Michael. "While cinematographers come and go with each episode, Helen was the primary stills photographer on Game of Thrones for all eight consecutive seasons, which added up to a decade-long project! Her distinctive eye shot the series from beginning to end, lending one voice to the story told in these images."

Featuring a foreword by D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, The Photography of Game of Thrones goes on sale next Tuesday, Nov. 5. You can pre-order a copy here for $52.50.