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Play-Doh is getting its own animated movie. No, we’re not joking

Is Play-Doh anything but a toy and a snack? Hasbro sure hopes so. 

By Vanessa Armstrong

Remember Play-Doh? Those cans from your childhood full of colorful doughy chunks that you could mold into whatever shape you chose? It turns out that the folks at eOne/Hasbro, who make the arts and crafts play compound, think there’s enough to the brand to have it be the basis of an animated feature film.

Deadline is reporting that The Big Sick co-writer Emily V. Gordon and In The Heights director Jon M. Chu are attached to create an animated Play-Doh feature. Gordon is tasked with crafting the story, while Chu is on board to produce and possibly direct. 

“The team looks forward to bringing the audience a moldable, pliable, iconically-scented story about the importance of imagination,” Chu and Gordon told Deadline. 

Play-Doh getting its own movie is but the latest in a line of brands unexpectedly getting the Hollywood treatment. Peeps are also getting their own movie, as well as Barbie and, less surprisingly, the Pokemon competitor, Beyblades.

eOne, which bought Hasbro in 2019, has also been busy amping up their toy IPs with the live-action Dungeons & Dragons movie, a revamping of the upcoming Transformers films, and a series of other projects in development including an animated Magic: The Gathering series at Netflix, a D&D television series, and projects revolving around the board games Ouija, Clue, and Mouse Trap. 

But let’s get back to Play-Doh. What mashable, squishy story will the Play-Doh movie cover? It’s a question for the ages, and one we can mull over during playtime. 

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