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Watch a wicked clip for Shudder's far-out new Euro sci-fi flick, Blood Machines

By Jeff Spry
Blood Hero

AMC's addictive horror and sci-fi-themed streaming platform, Shudder, is unleashing some of the most outrageously entertaining content in the entire digital domain — and SYFY WIRE is offering up a sweet sample of its upcoming European space fantasy, Blood Machines.

This insane three-part offering hails from French filmmakers Seth Ickerman (aka co-directors Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard), and we guarantee it's gonna be a hellacious blast to your retinas when all three chapters premiere as part of the network's binge-worthy “Shudder Original Experience” on Thursday, May 21.

Blood Machines was a sensation on the international film festival circuit last fall and now it's making its streaming debut accompanied by a hypnotic original score written by acclaimed French synthwave artist, Carpenter Brut.

Blood Machines

Blood Machines was born from a kickass 2016 Carpenter Brut music video titled Turbo Killer, an imaginative short populated with a seductive space witch, pulsating entrails, a gas-masked bounty hunter, one beckoning Hellgate, a cross-shaped spaceship, and a seriously cool Corvette Stingray.

Seth Ickerman's sequel to this mesmerizing video is the 50-minute crowd-funded feature named Blood Machines, which slams into Shudder's blossoming North American audience this week. It's Dario Argento meets Quentin Tarantino in a high-octane, intergalactic grindhouse fantasia featuring an alluring female ghost challenging two notorious space hunters to a dreamy psychedelic chase. Can you imagine what these guys could do with a Star Wars movie?!

Strap in for a cyberpunk shot of cinematic adrenaline in this exclusive clip:

"I originally worked with the synthwave artist Carpenter Brut who gave me carte blanche to make a music video for Turbo Killer, one of his most emblematic tracks," Ickerman tells SYFY WIRE. "I wanted to develop it with a certain cinematographic ambition which, in my opinion, has somewhat disappeared in today's music videos. For me, the four minutes of Turbo Killer should give the viewers the impression of watching a scene from a film. Of course, this larger film didn't exist, but it soon became clear to me that I had to make it. The idea of a "cosmic opera" called Blood Machines was born and of course Carpenter Brut would compose the soundtrack."


For Ickerman, Ridley Scott's iconic opus, Blade Runner, remains the great masterpiece of science fiction genre.

"Its philosophical depth, its light and hypnotic soundtrack still move me as much as ever," the filmmakers revealed. "Usually, I don't create my films with this or that reference in mind, but this time I had Ridley Scott's film in the corner of my head. I even used it as a starting point. Indeed, I like to think that the woman who comes out of the shipwreck at the beginning of my film is the dove that Roy Batty let fly away when he dies at the end of Blade RunnerBlood Machines is somehow interested in the story of this dove and allows the film to approach the theme of the "soul of the machines" on a clearly fantastic level and not as pure science fiction like Blade Runner or 2001: A Space Odyssey."

Blood Machines roars into Shudder's enticing lineup on May 21.