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A terrifying trio of occult tales erupts in Dark Horse Comics' Hellboy Winter Special

By Jeff Spry
Hellboy Hero

Crossing safely into our boundaries from the beloved Mignolaverse, Dark Horse Comics is providing a late holiday gift on Jan.15, long after the Christmas tree is recycled and relatives' well-meaning presents are packed away, in the form of the annual Hellboy Winter Special — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive expanded look inside its numerable enchantments.

This time the yearly one-shot is pulling double duty, not only to tell its own trio of macabre tales spawned from the fantastical underworld, but also to set up the newest Mignolaverse miniseries spinoff arriving in April and regally titled The Last Knight of St. Hagan.

Hellboy Cover

Three spooky occult stories are bound up in this 30-page Hellboy Winter Special one-off to ring in the new year with, showcasing a phantom miser existing in an alternate reality, a terrifying taste of the Boogam of rural New York, and an eerie encounter with the rage of St. Hagan.

Hellboy's Mike Mignola pens the first story, titled “The Miser’s Gift” and paired with art by Mark Laszlo. The second, “The Longest Night,” follows 19th-century paranormal sleuth Sarah Jewell and is written by Chris Roberson and matched with illustrations courtesy of Leila del Luca. Lastly, “The Beast of Ingleheim” spotlights the legendary Knights of St. Hagan and arrives from writer Scott Allie, injected with intense art by Andrea Mutti.

Hellboy Slice

Mignola has a warm spot in his heart for his headless armored hero and the band of brave warriors who carry his noble name.

"I introduced the Knights of St. Hagan years ago for the Hellboy story 'In the Chapel of Moloch,'" Mignola tells SYFY WIRE. "They were my stand-in for any number of mysterious orders like the Knights Templar (I like to make up my own guys so nobody can tell me that I got my history wrong). They only get a brief mention there, but I did establish they were named for a crusader 'who, though decapitated, fought at the fall of Acre in 1289.' And when you make up something like that, you just know there are more stories to tell." 

Sketch 2

Now head into our preview of Dark Horse's Hellboy Winter Special (Jan. 15) in the gallery below, joined by a series of intriguing character sketches from artist Andrea Mutti, and a sneak peek at the mock-up cover for The Last Knight of St. Hagan #1, which lands in comic shops on April 15.