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Join the fiery search for Nine in Dark Horse's Stranger Things: Into The Fire #1

By Jeff Spry
ST Hero

Sneaking into the new year with fresh paranormal mysteries to slice into, Oregon-based Dark Horse Comics is unveiling a new 4-issue Stranger Things miniseries on Jan. 8 that explores more of the nefarious Dr. Brenner's test subjects — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive look inside the debut issue.

Stranger Things: Into the Fire #1 comes courtesy of superstar writer Jody Houser (The X-Files: Origins, Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor) and the provocative pencils of Ryan Kelly (Saucer State) and adds an eerie new dimension to the weird worldbuilding on the Duffer brothers' Netflix smash following its jaw-dropping third season. The creative team is rounded out here by colorist Triona Farrel, inker Le Beau Underwood, and letterer Nate Piekos.

ST 1

ST Slice 4

Drawing on material revealed in last summer's limited Dark Horse series, Stranger Things: Six, we're now diving back into the lives of two escaped human guinea pigs named Ricky and Marcy as they return to the scene of the crimes inflicted upon them in Hawkins years after fleeing the cruel medical and psychological horrors.

When the pair get news that the notorious Project MKUltra lab was finally shut down, they embark on a frantic search for Nine, a frightening pyrokinetic whose tortured psyche threatens to roast them all to hot ashes if they can't find her first and free her from her own diabolical imagination.

ST Slice 5

"Stranger Things: Into the Fire continues the story that started in Stranger Things: Six, seeing what the lives of the kids who escaped is like years later," Houser tells SYFY WIRE. "As far away as they've gotten from the Program, it's not something they can ever truly escape.”

ST Slice 6

Now step back into the Stranger Things universe in our exclusive look at Stranger Things: Into The Fire #1, with a special peek at a limited-edition Dark Horse Direct bundle variant cover and free 11" x 14" lithograph by artist Bella Grace rolling out for this week's grand release.