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Development news: Psych lands film sequel, 'cosmic horror' Starfish debuts trailer, Steve Guttenberg travels through time

By Jacob Oller
Psych cast getty

Time travel, fake psychics, and “cosmic horror” populate today’s roundup of development news, each new movie stranger than the last. But what else would you expect from the wide world of genre?

First, the more familiar. Long-running, beloved dramedy Psych is getting a second movie. According to Entertainment Weekly, USA has greenlit Psych: The Movie 2, which will set Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dulé Hill) on a quest to help their cop frenemy Carlton Lassiter (Timothy Omundson). Omundson, who only had a brief cameo in the first film after suffering a stroke, will seemingly be back for a full role.

Show creator Steve Franks will direct the second film and co-write along with Roday and Andy Berman. The film would follow Lassiter’s recovery after a deadly ambush as the police chief begins seeing mysterious and “impossible” sights in the clinic. Psych’s dynamic duo will return to solve problems that could qualify as “the personal, the professional, and possibly the supernatural” over the course of their rocky return to Santa Barbara.

Filming will begin next month.

Next, a trailer from one of the more unique films coming down the pike. Starfish, a “cosmic horror” film according to a release, takes The Runaways’ Virginia Gardner and sets her in the heart of an apocalyptic mystery where everyone is dead and the only hope resides in a cassette tape. Pretty dire.

Take a look at the trailer:

Director A.T. White brings in strange signals, murderous monsters, and a lack of sanity to the survival/sci-fi film. “This mixtape will save the world” is a big claim, but with the movie’s high-stakes Home Alone-esque disappearances, maybe it can be pulled off.

Starfish hits theaters on March 13.

Finally, time travel. According to Screenrant, Stuck!, starring Steve Guttenberg, will take the famed ‘80s comedy king and his Police Academy co-star Leslie Easterbrook through time thanks to the powers of a gluten-free diet. Really.

Directors Martin Csaba and Kala Czupi pin their film’s time-traveling abilities on people not eating gluten, which screws everything up over the course of the low-budget indie film. The film, from Drastique Pictures, has not yet set a release date — but perhaps since we’ve been eating too much gluten, we’re just unable to access its grasp on time.

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